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HSS Activities During COVID-19 Crisis

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh trains its volunteers to conduct regular social service projects in their cities and counties


We hope you and your family are healthy and safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times. During the normal course of time, HSS trains its volunteers to conduct regular social service projects in their cities and counties. This training came in handy, and in no time, all our volunteers planned activities that could be carried out while observing the new norms of social distancing and other CDC-suggested practices.  We are humbled and grateful that we could help our neighborhoods and needy people in the community during this time of crisis.

HSS and Hindu YUVA planned several online activities to keep its member engage in positive thoughts, activities, and maintaining good health. Yoga for Positive Health, students’ helpline, legal counseling, professional networking, and advice for job seekers were other major topics that were covered.

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Nation-wide Covid-19 relief activities by HSS
Nation-wide Covid-19 relief activities by HSS.

To congratulate the graduating class of 2020, the teens group of HSS and Hindu YUVA hosted a virtual graduation, which was attended by 250 high school and university graduated and their family members from all over US. The ceremony incorporated the normal Western graduation customs and many Hindu aspects. An American professional tennis player, Rajeev Ram addressed all the graduates and their family members and took several questions from the audience.

In May, Children members of HSS didn’t forget to thank and surprise their teachers remotely but creatively to celebrate Teachers’ Appreciation Day or Guru Vandana.

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In June, HSS volunteers remained busy in organizing online International Day of Yoga (IDY) in various cities and towns. In commemoration of King Shivaji’s coronation, several HSS centers planned online Hindu Unity Day involving several Hindu community organizations.

The following sections are representative examples of the local activities since April 2020.



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