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IL 8th District US House Congressional Race: Clash Between Indian-American Candidates

November election in IL Congressional District 8 will see a direct fight between 2 Indian Americans- Raja Krishnamoorthi and Jitendra JD Diganvker.

NEW DELHI: Everyone is gearing up for the IL 8th District US House congressional race. The Democrats and Republicans are leaving no stone unturned to spell their magic on the voters. But in between this entire tussle, the battle is between the sitting Democrat candidate Raja Krishnamoorthi and Republican Jitendra “JD” Diganvker, (popularly known as JD among his followers) who is a business entrepreneur.

8th Congressional district in Illinois state is made up of Chicago sub urban areas like Schaumburg, Hoffman Estate, Lombard and Palatine.

Vandana Jhingan was recently disqualified by the court as a Republican contestant in the 8th District US House congressional race because of a petition filed against her for falsely submitting invalid signatures of her supporters. The petition was filed in December by Steven Anderson, of Schaumburg, according to Board of Election documents.

If Jhingan does not challenge the decision in the courts, JD will walk away without the need to fight Republican primaries. In other words, Democrat Raja and Republican JD will see direct fight in the November elections.

This election has already created a history in the sense that for the first time, an Indian American will be fighting against an Indian American.

Jitendra “JD” Diganvker is contesting elections for the very first time. He is a businessman and said to understand the struggles of everyday Americans because he has faced those same challenges himself.

8th District US House congressional race
It is the first time for Jitendra Diganvker to contest in elections. Pixabay

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In one on one interview with ‘NewsGram,’ Jitendra “JD” Diganvker expressed his views regarding his campaign ideas and goals which he wants to achieve after coming into power. Here are the excerpts:

Q: What’s do you want to say about your candidature for the coming elections?

8th District US House congressional race
Jitendra “JD” Diganvker

A: I would say that our campaign and our candidacy is all about hard-working American
community. So I am respecting their hard work and I am fighting for their pride. That’s my goal, that’s my mission, that’s my purpose. I want to restore the pride of hard-working Americans.

Q: How do you take the contest against Indian-American? What is your take on that?

A: This candidacy tells very much loud and clear that we are involving the process, we take pride in our civic duty and we are involved in all the mainstream activities and politics here as well. Also above all, we are ready to serve. We came here to prosper and live our American dream but at the same time, we are here to serve also. There is a purpose in my life and I will remain committed to that.

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Q: How confident are you about your victory in November elections?

A: I am absolutely confident and I will be working hard for that also. At the same time, I will be seeking everyone’s blessing and support. Please help us to spread our voice to every American voter, and every hard working person. This is the campaign in this district but I am representing every hard working American.

Q: Why should people vote for you and not against the sitting democratic candidate Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthi?

A: Well I am not a politician. I am a hardworking entrepreneur and I understand the pain
people go through. I want to represent the risk takers who create jobs in this country and I want to support them more and more.

Q: What is your stand on immigration?

A: Well I like the stand of President Trump on skill- based immigration because that adds value to everyone and it gives an opportunity to everyone. People who are very hard working and they want to do something in their life; we should give them a chance. This new immigration policy absolutely justifies everyone.



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