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Here's what should be imported from China. Pixabay

One of the best deals is to import cheap products and sell them at higher prices; China is the best country to do that. Every day an extraordinary amount of Chinese products are imported, ready to produce large profits, high demand for these products allows prices to be very low and at the same time very beneficial for new entrepreneurs. Sites like dhgate can be a good source of imported products from China.

However, the problem is in “What should be imported from China?”

That’s rather relative, specifically taking into account two things “experience” and “amount to invest”. There are others to consider like the type of business you have and the products you need to import, but for now we will focus on the first two.

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The experience

This is important, if you have not imported before, you are advised to start with a product that is practical and simple. What is the easiest product to import for someone just starting out? The easiest products to import are small and inexpensive, that is, don’t import products that can weigh more than 5 kilograms per piece. Why? Well, customs has certain restrictions with many products, usually large and heavy ones require some documentation so that they can be received without problems.

Apple products are cheap to buy, but when passing customs they usually receive high taxes which significantly raises the price. Pixabay

The capital

It’s okay, it doesn’t have a problem, but because it’s a limited amount with more reasons you have to know how to better choose the product that you will import. You have to start believing it, the last thing you want is to maintain your product customs, because it’s expensive and you won’t really see a return on your investment.

Good prices also attract our attention, but we don’t know whether customs duties add tax.

This is very common in well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, among those whose products are cheap to buy, but when passing customs they usually receive high taxes which significantly raises the price.

Imports of Clothing and Textiles from China

If what you are looking for is something that is easy and safe to import, then you should go to this market. Garment factories in China can provide big prices because they are cheap and allow them to compete.

What about Adidas, Nike and Puma?

We do not recommend importing a recognized brand, especially if you are new, this is for two reasons:

# 1: You will definitely have a problem with customs, which can mean losing money.

# 2: You risk accepting low-quality pirated products, which is also a serious business.

We recommend that you try alternative brands that have the ability to export at affordable prices.

Do not import recognized brands like Adidas. Pixabay

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What about computers?

China is superior mainly because of its technology; everything related to computers is very profitable. From our experience, we can tell you that importing computers is a profitable business. Yes, it is true that there are computers that are complete and ready to use that are not expensive. But a lot of money that can be exploited from this business is not thanks to this type of computer. So what is imported from China? The answer is simple: the computer parts.

There are still many choices of commodities that can be taken, but what has been mentioned above can be an outline of what you should import from China.

[Disclaimer: The article published above promotes links of commercial interests.]


Photo by Amy Elting on Unsplash

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