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In Conversation With Shriyam Bhagnani

Shriyam has now bagged a meaty role in a web series to be directed by Nagesh Kukunoor for a major OTT platform.

Shriyam Bhagnani is an Indian Actor and Writer known for her characters in movies like Baaghi 2 (2018) and Batti Gul Meter Chalu (2018).She has now bagged a meaty role in a web series to be directed by Nagesh Kukunoor for a major OTT platform.Shriyam is currently preparing for her character and is going through a physical transformation for the same. Despite being associated with a family that is well entrenched in Bollywood, Shriyam has had a modest self-made journey thus far, marked with gradual progress over the last few years. 
NewsGram got an opportunity to interview the young rising star. Here are some excerpts from the interview:
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1. How did you develop interest in acting? How did you discover your passion for it?
Shriyam: As a child I never thought I’d grow up to be an actor. I’m a very curious person intrinsically and I try to learn about everything that interests me. Turns out there was no end to learning in acting and it got me hooked forever!
2. Would you like to share your experience from the sets of the movies “Baaghi 2” and “Battu Gul Meter Chalu” ?

Shriyam: Both the projects have been extremely special for me. Baaghi 2 seems like yesterday. I had a blast on the set, it was high octane energy all the way. Tiger is true professional and very disciplined. Ahmed Khan sir gave me a freehand to make mistakes and learn from them, for which I’m grateful. Battu Gul Meter Chalu is a luck by chance moment for me. I was assisting in auditions and I took a five-minute break to stroll around Aram Nagar only to plunge back into a sea of work. It was a very busy day and I needed a breather. This casting director popped out of the woodwork and asked me to audition. Such an irony, there I was sitting down to audition actors while some other casting director on some other project gets me on board. Working with these established directors and actors has been an extremely humbling experience for me because all of them were so grounded, friendly and hard working at the same time. I’m glad I was exposed to t level of professionalism at such an early stage of my career.

In Conversation With Shriyam Bhagnani
“Battu Gul Meter Chalu is a luck by chance moment for me,” said Shriyam.

3. As you know that the pandemic has taken over the world, and work from home has become the new normal. How are you spending quarantine?

Shriyam: This duration spent at home has been a time of self reflection for me. I have spent a lot of time working on my craft, reading, watching good content and painting. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family and I can’t wait to meet my professional family again!

4. Have you resumed your work yet?

Shriyam: Yes, the industry has thankfully gotten back in ‘action’. There’s a lot of new opportunities in the market and I can’t wait for the next few months to unfold for Indian cinema.

5. What is your driving force? Like what is that one thing which motivates you to do better and better?

Shriyam: It might sound philosophical but I’m greatly inspired by the ever changing nature of our planet. I believe we’re all here for a limited time and we should make everyday better than the previous one.

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In Conversation With Shriyam Bhagnani
“I believe we’re all here for a limited time and we should make everyday better than the previous one,” said Shriyam.

6. Who do you consider as a mentor when it comes to acting?

Shriyam: My mentor is my first teacher in Mumbai – Deepak Sampat sir (seen in auto head on Netflix). His understanding of the craft is impeccable. Learning under him made me fall in love with the craft so smoothly, I never really emerged from it.

7. As you know that the nepotism debate has taken over the Internet since the untimely demise of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput, what is your take on nepotism?

Shriyam: We live in a country of 1.4 billion people who with the help of social media, each have a platform to voice their opinions today. It’s a debate that could last forever with no real conclusion.
We all know it exists in every field, but the film industry has to bear the weight for most of it. I believe it shouldn’t matter what one’s surname is, as long as you enjoy their art or value their profession. This negative chatter can get people defocused from their art, so I would choose to not contribute to this conversation any further.

8. If you weren’t an actor, which other profession you would’ve taken up? And why?
Shriyam: An aspiring actor, entrepreneur and an environmentalist.
9. Who is your favourite new generation actor?

Shriyam: I really enjoy watching Kalki Koechlin and Tapsee Pannu on screen. Not only are they beautiful actors, but they have extremely strong independent personalities that reflect in their character portrayals.

10. A film you wish you were a part of ?

Shriyam: I wish I were a part of the TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. even though each and every lead is absolutely irreplaceable in it. I would love to play Monica even though I’m a Phoebe!

11. A genre you would love to try?

Shriyam: Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction!

12. If you had to do a biopic on someone’s life, who’d that be?

Shriyam: Sania Mirza – for she was my role model while growing up. I even used to be a tennis player and looked up to her courage and grace.
Vidya Balan – for the beautiful, honest and badass artist that she is! I would love to understand and portray the mix of class and quirkiness that she possesses.
Marilyn Monroe : Another inspiration of mine. For me she’s the epitome of self love and style.

In Conversation With Shriyam Bhagnani
” My all time favourite movie is “Perfume- The story of a murderer” and the Harry Potter series,” said Shriyam.

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13. Your favourite film?

Shriyam:I love cinematically brilliant films. My all time favourite movie is “Perfume- The story of a murderer” and the Harry Potter series.

14 . An actor you’d love to work with?

Shriyam: Jim Carey! Though I have no idea what will I ever do in the same frame as him for anyone to even notice me!

We are thankful to Ms. Shriyam Bhagnani for taking out her precious time and speaking to us. We look forward to knowing her more and present her achievements and thoughts to the viewers. 



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