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In USA, Norco sets up committee to resolve Hindu Temple Project issues

On July 6, the Norco City Council members unanimously decided to block the construction of the temple on the grounds of reasons such as the temple doesn’t fit the city’s ‘western theme and identity’

Hindu temple Image Source: shutterstock
  • Norco City Council members in a unanimous 5-0 vote decided to block the construction of a Hindu temple on the grounds of not fitting the city’s ‘western theme and identity’
  • City Manager Andy Okoro plans to set up a resolving committee in the light of the recent misunderstandings in the media 
  • The time for the process cannot be assumed as it highly depends on the recommendations made

Officials of Norco just moved one step closer to lacking a Hindu temple in its 3636 Norconian Drive. One won’t be entirely wrong if he thinks it was a culturally unbelievable step by the Norco city council to deny the leaders of a faith organisation from moving ahead with their plans of bringing in a Hindu temple to the town.

On July 6, 2016, the Norco City Council members unanimously decided to block the construction of the temple on the grounds of reasons such as, the temple doesn’t fit the city’s ‘western theme and identity’.

Adding to that, Councilmen Greg Newton and Ted Hoffman raised concerns about adequate parking, water drainage and the effect on residential vistas before voting against the temple. To a common man, it might all seem like religious discrimination done behind a cloak, reported the Press Enterprise Website.

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“We were stunned when they denied us,” Patolia, also a chairman of the faith organisation, said this week. “They had already made up their minds not to allow it.” The supporters of the temple have already spent more than $200,000 on the 4-acre site, which is wedged between two Christian churches. Another reason added to the reject list by the city officials was about the proposed domed structure of the temple that falls beneath the city’s height allowance.

Ironically, the steeples of the Christian churches exceed city laws, reaching more than 60 feet into the air. Nevertheless, the developers appealed to reduce the building’s height by more than 10 feet and remove the traditional domed architecture that serves as a reflection of their religious expression.

Light at the end of the tunnel

However, all hope is not lost and a three-year effort is not assumed to go down the drain just yet. On July 20, a Corona resident filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union for similar reasons due to which City Manager Andy Okoro has recommended forming a committee to resolve the above issues.

In his report for August 3, council meeting Okoro stated his reasons for a resolving committee. The Press Enterprise states those reasons –“misunderstanding in the media regarding the reasons why the project was denied” and the “applicant’s willingness to make changes” to the project are the reasons for a second chance.

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Norco City Councilman Kevin Bash. Image Source: The Press Enterprise
Norco City Councilman Kevin Bash. Image Source: The Press Enterprise

The Press Enterprise stated that the temple and cultural centre for the Swaminarayan Gurukul faith, a Hindu denomination, would have included a prayer room, covered patio, classrooms, kitchens and a tennis court. There would be Patrons daily yoga, prayers and meditation held in its enclosed area.

The proposed committee will be conducted in the presence of two city council members, two planning commissioners and temple representatives to oversee the architectural details and the temple’s effects on the local streets. The time for the process cannot be assumed as it highly depends on the recommendations made.

– prepared by Karishma Vanjani of NewsGram. Twitter: @BladesnBoots


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yoga asanas
Yoga Pose.Pixabay
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  • These 4 yoga asanas will help you to be in shape

“Yoga is the journey of self, through the self, to the self.” – Bhagvat Gita

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Here are 4 best yoga asanas to keep your body toned-


Tadasana strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles.It helps to develop good posture and calms down the nervous system.

yoga asana

2. Parvatasana

Parvatasana strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs.It tones the spinal nerves and sends the good flow of blood to the spinal region.

yoga asanas
A variation of Parvatasana. For the original asana, you need not raise the leg in the air as depicted here. Pixabay

3. Vakrasana

It is intensely twisted posture which helps in reducing back problems and fat reduction on the belly. It also increases spine blood flow to abdominal.

yoga asanas
Vakrasana, Wikimedia

4. Bhujangasana

It strengthens the spine, chest, shoulders, abdomen and buttocks. It helps in reducing indigestion and acidity problems.

yoga asanas: Bhujangasana
Bhujangasana.wikimedia commons

-prepared by Pragya Mittal of NewsGram| Twitter @PragyaMittal05


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  • Plan your day: If one meal goes for a toss, make sure the rest of the meals are on track. For instance, if you’ve reserved a table for dinner, then make sure your breakfast, lunch and snacks are balanced and healthier.
  • Festival and alcohol: Just restrict to two drinks. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Avoid taking cocktails and aerated drinks too as they give you just extra calories.
  • Be active: Physical activity will keep your metabolism active too. No matter what, engage in at least 20 minutes of physical activity every day. It can be in the form of dance, walk, jogging or yoga. You may find it hard to believe, but Surya Namaskar is the best way to fight exhaustion.
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Hillary Clinton has found alternate nostril breathing yoga technique as a mantra for relaxation and peace after her loss in 2016 Presidential elections to Donald Trump.

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Hillary Clinton VOA

Washington, October 12, 2017 : Hillary Clinton has demonstrated on national television how to perform yoga through alternate nostril breathing exercise. It is quite interesting to see Hillary Clinton has discovered the mantra to deal with stress.

In the aftermath of United States Presidential elections 2016, Hillary finds sitting cross legged on a yoga mat and practicing long inhale and exhale breathing techniques quite helpful. Hilary mentioned that she has been practicing it for quite some time and it has come across as a very helpful way.

The Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has recommended yoga for everyone to try for relaxation. Yoga is an ancient Indian technique of pre-Vedic Indian tradition that involves physical, mental and spiritual training to relax the mind and body. Promoting the idea of practicing yoga for relaxation seems to be working well for Hillary, who found a new way out to live life and find peace after her loss to Donald Trump in 2016.