India-Japan bullet train deal on right track

New Delhi: With Japan offering over one trillion Yen ($8.11 billion) as a loan, the country is expected to bag the contract to construct India’s first bullet train.

Recently, Japan failed to win an Indonesian high-speed rail deal because China provided a $5 billion loan without guarantees.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was slated to visit India this week and would issue a joint statement on the deal, along with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

Tokyo was given responsibility for the feasibility study for construction of the 505 km corridor from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

The project would begin from 2017 and expected to be completed by 2023.

Talks were scheduled between special adviser of the Japanese PM, India PMO and railway ministry officials in Delhi on the finalization of the terms and conditions of bullet train project.

Japan had fixed 0.5 per cent as the rate of interest for the loan. The loan would be a huge boost for India’s development project as the loan repayment date tenure is 50 years.

Japan’s strategy for providing an easy line of credit was aimed at competing against China. Notably, China was fiercely getting involved with infrastructural development in countries in south Asia.

Earlier, in September, China bagged the contract to conduct the feasibility study on the construction of a high-speed train linking a 1200 km route between Delhi and Mumbai.

Both the bullet train projects are a part of the ‘Diamond Quadrilateral’ of high-speed trains covering over 10,000 km track, connecting the four metropolis Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Japan aims to complete 80 per cent of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad project cost, only if India buys 30 per cent of the raw material which includes locomotives and coaches from Japanese companies.

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  1. Something seriously wrong with this Mumbai Ahmadabad project at 98k crores!
    There is no great benefit to India as a whole because of such project or connectivity.
    There is a wonderful national high way existing and it takes about 8 hours. There is still available space on both sides of the national high way and two more lanes each can be developed on each side and that four lines can be high speed lanes allowing 150 to 250km per hour. Buses and cars can go at that speed.
    In the alternative as experienced railway officials say existing rail network can be upgraded to 170mm an hour and MumbaiAhmadabad 525 km can be traversed in about three to three Nd a half hours including a few short stops.
    Yet two to five aircraft on wet lease can start service tomorrow morning with zero tax aviation fuel and some concessions in landing handling fees and one way flight can come in less than fifteen hundred to two thousand rupees and if hyper sensitive flight paths are streamlined 500km is forty five minutes! If you want add free bus or mini bus shuttles from a different Bay at airport. Rest of India has no problem if all you guys of Gujarat are given the status of shri Robert vadrha! But leave us other Indians to our non bullet or bullet train fate! Your ninety eight thousand crores which may become one hundred twenty five thousand crores soon like all projects in India are no less than bullets to the rest of Indian people.

    Shri Modi ji and his honourable ministers want to collect taxes from 1300 million Indian people and squander it on shri Modi ji ‘s political mistress smt Gujarat maharani!

    Gujarat population is less than five percent of India.

    State wise tax revenues Gujarat appears to contribute less than six percent of India

    And shri Modi ji Maharaj wants to take tax money from whole of India and squander it on this useless dream girl project of a stupid bullet train at this cost?!

    something funny is happening! 525 km ahmedabad -mumbai link to cost 15 billion while estimated 2200km chennai-new delhi link would cost 20 billion! 24% distance to cost 75%. and this is big money! chennai -delhi will pass through tamilnadu karnataka,andhra pradesh, telangana, maharashtra, madhya pradesh, uttar pradesh and delhi, while also connecting onward states punjab,haryana, rajasthan, uttaranchal, uttarkhand, chathisgarh, , jammu and kashmir onwards and sideways! what will this mumbaiahmedabad connect?

    Befriend Chinese, ask for technical advise and expertise, take their assistance to set up infrastructure for high speed trains track laying and engine and coaches all made in India.

    We have so many thousands of engineers.

    Send them to work as apprentices to China to work and in everything related to high speed trains!

    May be pay some small technical fees! Come back and do everything in India

    This Japanese thing is going to bring everything or most things from Japan! Japanese economy has become geriatric. by Selling to India they want to do blood transfusion!

    And they want to pit India against China militarily for themselves and for their dear allies USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany. These are big brother Mafia dividing how to loot rest of the world! India is their victim. India Pakistan and India China boundary problems are because of them and Russia! They all sell us arms and other goods, hold up our development and resources as we foolishly keep fighting imaginary enmity!

    It is time for people of the union of India consisting of twenty five plus States to sit and arrive at a fair system of income and expenditure, reducing expenditure and useless corrupt white elephant government servants and develop our country like China, like some South American countries are doing!

    We must stop regional satraps like shri Modi ji Maharaj from carrying away the wealth all other states in the union to just one state, his state!

    The 2002 gave him Gujarat on a platter! It will stay for a few years more.

    Even with gifts of bullet trains and bullets sometimes as in Recent patel agitation, this mistress Gujarat maharani will not stay with him. It is the inherent character of any mistress, political or not! it is not you who they love! it is what they can get from you that they like!

    you gave them hatred against Muslims to love! a thousand or two thousand Muslims were killed in broad day light, some in the presence of your senior IPS officers while inactively looking upon!and you have not investigated, found and prosecuted thousands of the killers!

    those thousands of killers are roaming free in your Gujarati society! can India, can the world forget them, though they are unknown! it more dangerous that they are not known!because they will kill again, or will be great gurus teaching how to kill like Gujarat 2002, or in an improved manner for not being caught! they will spread across the world! the actions and teachings will go far and wide!everyone from Gujarat could be suspect! each Gujarati may suspect each Gujarati! this will go on in the hearts and minds of everyone for many years, many decades and may be centuries! the spine chilling thought of undiscovered or discovered but let off killers, the children of the killers who grow up under their chilling killer instinct and influence, the children of these children, the innocent brides married to them! what a web of disaster it is culturally! the gurus of the great RSS and sangh pariwarmust ponder about this! such ideas will not stay confined only to the religious enemy feeling! killer idea, killing idea will and can turn against anyone, against a wife, against a father, against a mother, against a child, against a leader!

    it such killer idea of shri vinayak ramachandra nathuram godse ji that proudly killed the frail old good man called mohandaskaramchand gandhi! shri gopal gandhi, his brother said all of them brothers beolnged to sangh pariwar, RSS! IT IS TO PROTECTSHRI GURU GOLWALKAR that they refrained from naming their association with RSS at that point of time, the great mighty RSSbanned by shri sardar patel!subsequent evidence also brought to light the role of your another greates of leaders of the killer philosophy, shri vinayak damodar savarkar, an accused in shri gandhi murder case!

    the gujarathi people at large will be bored and vexed of it, the hatred, in some time! their children growing up across India and the world will open their eyes! other Indians will open their eyes! they will stop hating Muslims and start loving all Indians, like other Indians do! soon the Hindus, the Muslims, the Christians, the Buddhists, all Indians will inter marry and inter breed! your canards of love jihad will not work!

    All the states in Union of India shall unite and fight this absolutely unfair move of transfer of wealth of India to one state.

    RSS speaks of akhand bharat!

    With this they will find it very difficult to keep even the khand bharat that we have together today!

    we believe in one India.we practice one India.we pay taxes in one India.but you take our money to Gujarat, and all money of 98Kcrores hard earned rupees by all Indians. that is not sabka saath, sabka vikas! it is pooraa bharath kaa haath, sirif gujaraath kavikas, that too befuzzul vikas!

    This is a great atrocity no other state can accept.

    Smt Indira Gandhi, shri Rajiv Gandhi, smt SONIA GANDHI as bjp calls bacha Rahul Gandhi – all have done something for their constituency amethi, rai bareli etc.

    But no politician in Indian history, no prime minister in Indian history , perhaps no prime minister or president in the world history, or even any maharaja has done such an atrocious thing of taking away so much money, about 15 billion USA dollars from hundred people and give the whole thing to smaller than five, even if it be a political mistress!

    This is an extremely dangerous divisive policy and program that will alienate the rest of India from Gujarat, and from RSS and the larger sangh pariwar.

    I do not think even the larger sangh pariwar from all other states of India can defend this atrocious transfer of wealth for something as useless as a bullet train at this cost at this juncture of our economic development!

    I think the people of India must question the bjp and sangh pariwar everywhere in India on how do they justify this enormous transfer of wealth collected from the whole of India just to gujarat, just to let them have a roller coater ride to mumbai!

    today i checked and an air India ticket for 18 December is available for 1731 rupees, all taxes included! by Gujarat state waiving off tax on aviation fuel, investing some fund in the airport for runway and bay improvement, they can fly in less than 1500 rupees a person! and no bullet train can be less than 2500 to 5000 rupees! so more time, more charge and what for you want to do this? what development are you bringing to India buy giving this bullet train to mumbai- Ahmadabad?

    Even Mumbai tax revenues are hyper figures as just the company corporate offices are situated there and therefore the tax returns get filed there and taxes get paid there!

    This is a divisive policy. The state in which the monies are earned must get a just share and then there shall be a national share which can be judiciously and yet equitably distributed for all of india! if this principle is not refined and made more transparent and equitable, there may be serious issues for the unity of India.

    shri modi ji can not work like an RSS pracharak in the office of the prime minister! he is our prime minister. he must act like prime minister of all Indians.

    i am the humble opinion that all political parties in India must broaden their horizons, see the danger of this dangerous divisive policy that can seriously harm india in the long run, work for scrapping this project, and bring onto table for sharing of tax revenues in a just, fair, equitable manner that is opposed to capriciousness, whimsical behaviour, autocratic, i do what i please because i came to office by fooling you and you shut up for five years methodology, make shri damodardas narendra bhai modi ji to drop this devil of an idea, work for the over all development of India and Indians, while still doing some extra favours to his state ofgaujarat in a reasonable way! not NINTY EIGHT THOUSAND CRORES!

    SHRI MODI JI does not appear to have learnt any lessons from Gujarat having gone to London, having addressed useless jingoistic Indian origin people there! their india is different from our india! all these people walked abroad on the labours and pains of India! we gave them what they had when they left! and they gave us back very little!

    we must be beware of these useless jingoistic pios and ocis. we must protect India!

    and an article appeared in huffington post in defence of this great project!

    the defender says, this is a loan which will have a repayment beginning after fifteen years and will last for a period of 50 years thereafter! shri modi would not expect to last himself as prime minister or in any active capacity after 15 years of completion of this project which is like 2032 or so!

    so shri modi ji is giving a gift to his political mistress of Gujarat state and the forcible repayment will be made by the blood and sweat of the whole of India for fifty long years beginning from 1932! so that will be the blood and sweat of today’s children of 5 to 12 years age! what a wonderful formula discovered by the great prime minister shri modi ji!

    the defender secondly says china is India’s adversary and competitor in everything and therefore we must befriend and invite those who are opposed to or feel threatened by china! therefore we must work with japan and take china on!

    nothing can be more short sighted and anti- Indian people!

    the issues between china and japan is that japan, the militarist-fascist japan, the japan that aligned with the demon of mankind Adolf Hitler maharaj and Benito Mussolini guruji has invaded china in one of the most infamous aggression man kind has known, killed million, raped, burned, and did everything absymal. and the present prime minister is indirectly and sometimes directly glorifying that aggression and mass killings and killers!

    and japan with the help of USA is still keeping some fruits of its fascist- militarist aggression in the form of islands in south china sea taken from china!

    japan, with or without USA help has to one day leave these islands taken from china!

    japan and USA want to woo India, make shri modi and his pariwar feel important, and through them bind India to fight their unjust battle with china. India can not do that!

    525 km ahmedabad -mumbai link to cost 15 billion while estimated 2200km chennai-new delhi link would cost 20 billion! 24% distance to cost 75%. and this is big money! chennai -delhi will pass through tamilnadu karnataka, andhra pradesh, telangana, maharashtra, madhya pradesh, uttar pradesh and delhi, while also connecting onward states punjab, haryana, rajasthan, uttaranchal, uttarkhand, chathisgarh, , jammu and kashmir onwards and sideways! what will this mumbai ahmedabad connect?

    satyameva jayathe! sarvajano sukhinaabhavantho! bhaarath maathaa ki jai! jai hind


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