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Indian diplomat develops web portal of blood donors in UAE



Dubai: A diplomat with the Indian consulate in Dubai has developed an online database of blood donors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a media report said on Sunday.

Consul (Economic and Education) Tiju Thomas who developed the web portal of blood donors, will officially unveil the website on June 21, on International Yoga Day, Khaleej Times reported.

“The Indian community has the largest number of blood donors in the UAE. I would like this to be considered as a gift of the Indian community to the UAE,” Thomas said.

“We have a huge database. I will consider my whole work rewarded if at least one person’s life can be saved through this,” he added, urging donors with rare groups to be more forthcoming to register with the site.

Name, age, blood group, last donated date, mobile number of donors and their emirate will be listed on the website, which includes an emirate-wise blood group search facility, and carries the details of all blood donation centres in the UAE.

The UAE has been honoured by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for being among the top five countries with the best blood transfusion services. (IANS)

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Impressive Health Benefits of Donating Blood

benefits of donating blood
Donating Blood can actually make you healthier! Pixabay

Donating blood and staying healthy go hand in hand; thousands of people require blood every day in India but face a dilemma as the number of donators is comparatively less. Only one blood donation can save three lives.

Apart from regular blood donation one can also donate platelets which are done through a machine which filters the platelets and transports the blood back to the donor. This whole process takes around 70-90 minutes whereas a non-platelet donation takes only 45 minutes. Blood donors are supposed to 18 or above and are permitted to donate blood till 60 years of age in India.

Many are unaware that the process of blood donation is beneficial for both parties. Let’s talk about some health benefits of donating blood:

1.Reduces the Risk Of Cancer

One of the great benefits of Donating blood is, It can reduce the risk of cancer as the reduction of iron and iron stones in our body prevents the damage iron has been said to cause. According to a study published in the the Journal of the National Cancer Institute iron has been believed to increase free radical damage in our body and aging. A research conducted showed that a group of people who donated twice a year reduced their iron stores twice whereas another non donor group did not. The former group showed lower signs of cancer. The donation of blood is linked to the reduction in oxidative stress which is harmful.

The donation of blood is linked to the reduction in oxidative stress which is harmful. Pixabay

2. Protects and Preserves your Cardiovascular Health

A unifying factor for the risk of cardiovascular diseases is blood viscosity according to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide. The damage done to your cells lining the arteries can be determined by how sticky and thick your blood is and how much friction is created through the vessels. The other benefits of Donating blood is, it decreases the blood viscosity and gets rid of the iron that could oxidize our blood. Oxidative stress damages our cardiovascular system. Blood donation also decreases the risk of hearts attacks and strokes specially participants aged between 43 & 61.

Blood donation also decreases the risk of hearts attacks and strokes. Pixabay

3. Calorie Burn

According to the University of California, One donation of blood can burn approximately 650 calories. A regular donor can lose a significant amount of weight but this is not a means of weight loss plan at all. In India, 50 kgs are the minimum weight required to donate blood. The donor should also maintain healthy iron levels in their body.

Testing is done for any possible diseases. Pixabay

4.Free Blood Check-Up

Before donating; donors are tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis and other diseases. Without testing, one cannot be eligible to donate blood as it is necessary to know what is in your bloodstream. Your blood can also be used for tests and research in the future upon your consent. So, here is one more benefits of donating blood, you can get your blood tested for free.

Prepared by Tanya Kathuria of Newsgram; Twitter: @TanyaKathuria97

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Have Indians been ‘Bad’ Passengers while Travelling Abroad?

Flight attendants are often complaining when they have Indian passengers on an international flight

Indian Passengers
Indian Passengers have been doing certain things wrongly that often lead to complaints from flight attendants. Wikimedia
  • Flights attendants are often sharing stories and complaining about passengers from India 
  • The problem is not just their behavior, but what they carry for travel as well
  • A couple of studies reveal exactly why Indian passengers drive the flight attendants crazy 

July 07, 2017: Flight attendants are often sharing funny and weird stories about Indian passengers on board to an international flight. They often complain about Indians being ‘different passengers’ that others.

A middle aged man once peed on the aisle as he got drunk out of his mind. Another time, on a flight from Melbourne to Delhi, a man got drunk and assaulted two passengers as a result of which he had to be tied down to his seat.

And surveys and study has revealed it is not only what Indians do on board, but also what they carry along with their travel. Recent study and survey show exactly what is wrong.

Virgin Atlantic, a UK based airline, studied the most bizarre check in requests from all over the world. It reveals about the Indians’ requests to carry beddings and broom on their travel. Bed-heads, folding beds and brooms are often requested by Indians on their travel to the UK.

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Another study about the 2016 crash-landing of Emirates flight (consisting 80% Indians on board) and more broadly about passenger behavior carried out by UAE aviation authorities highlight that Indians do not follow instructions, even at the times of crisis. For example, Indians carry their handbags during evacuation after repeated requests by the crew not to do so.

Not putting phones on airplane mode, stealing in-flight headphones and blankets, not making way for fellow passengers and of course taking too many selfies are some of the other things listen out by UAE authorities.

– prepared by a Staff Writer of NewsGram

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June 21 Marks Third International Yoga Day: UAE Celebrates too!

International Yoga Day
The third International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21. VOA

June 21, 2017: Thousands of people of different nationalities took part in various events organized in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the eve of the International Yoga Day.

The third International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 but the events in the UAE were held a day earlier.

There were multiple venues across the UAE for the day. As the sun set down, participants trooped to the main venues in Dubai such as Burj Park, Zabeel Park and Burhani Complex in Al Nahda, at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium and at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi.

Warm-up sessions such as stretching, breathing exercises and exercise meditation were held prior to the main yoga session, which spilled over until midnight, the daily said.

The events in Dubai were organised by the Indian Consulate General with support from several schools and yoga associations such as The Art of Living.

Indian Consul General Vipul joined the Burj Park event where UAE Minister of Happiness Ohood Al Roumi and Dubai Sports Council Secretary General Saeed Hareb were also present.

The daily quoted Anand Mungre, a management executive who had come with his wife and child to participate, as saying: “I have been practising yoga for seven years and I can say that it has become a big stress-reliever for me. I also feel strong and healthy.”

Yoga has also contributed to international solidarity, said Rashi Datt of The Art of Living. “We see here people coming from various nationalities and they move in sync,” Datt said.

The UN declared June 21 as International Day of Yoga in 2014 after Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the day to be declared as a global celebration of yoga. (IANS)