Indian Female Police Squad Fights Against Sex Crimes in Northwest part of the Country

A female squad in Jaipur has been watching bus stops, colleges, and parks where women are vulnerable to sexual harassment

Sex crimes
Fight against sex crimes. Pixabay
  • India has a frightful record on sex crimes, with nearly 40,000 rapes reported every year
  • A new wave of all-female police units are patrolling the streets and encouraging women to come forward against abusers
  • Women comprise of 7 % of the officers in India’s male-dominated police

New Delhi, July 26, 2017: In the times of soaring rape crimes, female police units are coming forward to combat sex crimes in conservative northwest India in an attempt to shun the pervasive culture of silence around rape. In the patriarchal society of India, rape is attached to deep shame. Many sex crimes are not reported and offenders go unpunished because of the fear of reprisal.

A female squad in Jaipur has been watching bus stops, colleges, and parks where women are vulnerable to sexual harassment, as reported by AFP.

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Women face verbal and physical attack on India’s streets, enduring everything from lewd jokes and strangers following them to physical attacks and rape.

India has a horrifying record of nearly 40,000 rapes reported every year. However, the real figure is much higher as it varies on how the complaints of victims are treated. In the capital New Delhi alone there have been 2,199 rape cases reported in 2015 – an average of six a day.

The Jaipur unit of the female squad is the second in Rajasthan state, while the first squad was established in Udaipur last October.

Police in neighboring state Uttar Pradesh has come under fire for their provocative approach to combat sex-related crimes. The squad comprised of officers including women, patrolling in ‘anti-Romeo squads’, however, it was viewed as an attempt to enforce a moral code reflecting Hindu values.

– prepared by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter @Nainamishr94

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