Indian students contribute billions to the US economy

By- Tarun Pratap

New Delhi: A staggering number of 1,32,888 students from India has contributed $3.6 Bn to the US economy this year, revealed a report released  by the US Department of Commerce.

Notably, Indian constitutes almost 15 per cent of the overseas students in the USA.

The number of Indian students in the US has increased by almost 30 per cent this year. This shows the lack of faith the students have on the education system in India.

However, the problem lies at many other different levels as well. The dearth of quality educational institutions in rural, urban and semi-urban areas has compelled the students to migrate to foreign nations. With good universities and colleges being limited to capital cities, students have very few options.

The snob effect of studying abroad has also made matter worse. A faction of people feels proper education is available only in foreign lands.

Statistics is an interesting thing. They never reveal the complete story. According to data, India’s GDP and per capita income have increased in last few decades but it has failed to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

While industrialists have become richer, the condition of the needy people is worsening.

Bihar’s education has ceaselessly drawn flak, but one must not forget the brilliant students that the state has produced. Lack of  infrastructure compels the students to move to the Delhi to get the education.

This phenomenon of migration is hurting the Indian economy. The 3.6 billion dollars would have given a huge boost to the Indian education system. But regrettably, after the students go to the US, very few look back to their native land.

India still has not been able to come out of the colonial mindset where Indians were given education just enough that they don’t question the supremacy of the western world.

Everything related to the north is great as the saying goes “let things not go south’’.

Indians are mesmerized with anyone from that part of the world and the presence of Indian students in the US points out the yearnings of them to ape their culture

(with inputs from IANS)



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