Here’s why Indian Travellers Prefer to Travel Alone

Indians like to holiday solo

Solo travel
40 per cent of travellers based in India intend to "go solo" when they travel. Pixabay

This one comes a big surprise but Indian travellers prefer and intend to travel alone. The study by recent study by Hilton Honors, an award-winning guest loyalty program of global travel and hospitality company Hilton, finds that 40 per cent of travellers based in India intend to “go solo” when they travel, as compared to 25 per cent of Asia Pacific counterparts.

The survey included close to 1,120 travellers aged between 20-45 in India who were segmented by life stage. The primary motivation for 66 per cent of these intrepid travellers is to experience “life-changing moments” that push them out of their comfort zone and challenge them to think differently. Indians want to travel alone inspired by mindfulness, nature and sustainability.

Of all the experiences, nature tops the list of things Indian solo travellers are seeking with 68 percent choosing nature closely followed by sustainability at 67 per cent. Solo travellers are also more likely than other Indian travellers to seek ways to nurture their spirituality with 66 per cent and 62 per cent are happy to embark on volunteering opportunities.

alone travel
Travellers are on a mission to collect as many adventures and unique experiences as possible when they travel. Pixabay

As opposed to couples those who are single appear to be prioritizing wellness and self-care and are more likely to seek out experiences not only in nature, but also to try their hand at sports, outdoor adventures and wellness activities. They are also more likely to value personalisation than Asia Pacific travellers, such as in-room entertainment that is tailored to hotel guest’s preferences.

The top pick from international destinations chosen by Indians are Sydney and Melbourne. The Gold Coast is popular with younger families and Perth with older families.

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“It’s clear that travel is no longer just about a beach getaway or an overseas shopping spree. Travellers are on a mission to collect as many adventures and unique experiences as possible. This isn’t just because they want shareworthy content to post online, but also because they want to feel productive and that they’ve made the most of their time. By constantly engaging in new experiences, going to new places, and stepping outside of their norm, they feel that they’re regularly progressing in becoming more well-rounded as well as more knowledgeable individuals,” said Sarah Somerville, Senior Director, Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Partnerships, Asia Pacific, Hilton. (IANS)


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