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Hermann resigned from his position. Pinterest

India’s athletics high-performance director Volker Hermann on Sunday announced that he has resigned from the position. Hermann said in a statement that he put on his Facebook page that he had resigned from the position “three weeks ago” after he was convinced that he could no longer “meet the self-imposed expectations” that came from being the Athletics Federation of India’s (AFI) high-performance director.

The AFI is yet to make an official response to the development.

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“After one and a half fruitful and inspiring years in India, the day has come when I could not any longer meet the self-imposed expectations coming along with the role of AFI’s high-performance director, which is why I resigned from my position three weeks ago,” said Hermann in his statement.

“I believe that athletics in India has a great future ahead of it. It requires a conducive and likewise sustainable infrastructure to support its countless talented athletes and coaches. It also needs players with a strong, confident, and independent mindset to succeed on the world stage.”

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Hermann said that he is looking forward to the further development of the athletes in the country. “I have made a lot of close friends, making my stint an unforgettable time, which has enriched my life in many different ways and makes me look back on a very positive note. I might change my perspective, but I am still looking forward to watching the further development of our athletes and coaches and their coming successes,” he said. (IANS)



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