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The Conference aims at building strategies in the management of specific diseases like cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. Pixabay
  • Humanity currently facing enormous healthcare challenges
  • The Conference will bring together allopathic doctor, Ayurveda practitioners, and modern scientists
  • Aims at the formulation of guidelines for integrative medical practice

Kochi, July 28, 2017: Kochi’s Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is all set to host India’s biggest conference on integrative Ayurveda and modern medicine this year! The two-day event, titled Amrita Samyogam 2017, to be inaugurated by the Union Minister of State for AYUSH, Shripad Yasso Naik, will have 60 experts and 1,000 delegates from around the world in attendance.

The Conference, held in collaboration with Amrita University’s School of Ayurveda, will bring together Ayurveda practitioners, allopathic doctors and modern scientists. The aim is to identify strategies to integrate Ayurveda with allopathy for the management of cancer, auto-immune diseases like diabetes, arthritis, neuro-degenerative diseases and mental health.

Director, Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine, Amrita University, Prof. Shantikumar Nair believes that integrating ancient India’s Ayurveda with evidence-based modern science can “revolutionize world healthcare”. Integrative medicine is becoming a popular specialty among Western countries’ physicians as it focuses on healing by investigating the root cause rather than merely treating symptoms. “It is much more patient-centric and can positively impact chronic and lifestyle diseases for which modern medicine has now answers”, he says.

The two-day festival is an attempt to develop guidelines for integrative medical practice. Image Source : YouTube

Focus Areas

The Conference will focus on-

  1. Identifying areas for integration of modern technological tools in Ayurvedic diagnostics, treatment procedures and drug delivery.
  2. Evidence-based practice guidelines for cross-referrals and combination therapy,
  3. Understanding biological mechanisms of action underlying integrative care.

Using basic science studies, examples of clinical integration and application of new technology, the event will explore how integrative medicine can be made a reality.

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Amrita Samyogam 2017 is expected to trigger important collaborations, especially academic and funding, across the world in the field of integrative medicine. The event will also witness launch of an International Journal of Integrative Health and establishing of a Society for Integrative Health to promote Integrative medicine development in India.

Eminent medical experts attending the event include :

  • Dr. Jeffrey White, Director of National Cancer Institute, USA;
  • Dr. Nereo Bresolin, Neurologist, University of Milan;
  • Dr. Christian Kessler, Internal Medicine Specialist, Charite Medical University, Germany;
  • Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, Director National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, Noida;
  • Dr. Rama Jayasundar, Professor, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
  • Dr. Ketaki Bapat, Scientific Advisor to the Government of India along with many others.

Who can attend :

Faculty, medical practitioners post graduate and Ph.D scholars, internees, researchers and scientists from Ayurveda, Life Sciences and Mexican Streams.

Interested individuals can register at the college website and the last date for registration is July 31, 2017.

– prepared by Soha Kala for NewsGram. Twitter @SohaKala

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