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Exclusive: India’s First Trans Queen Winner Nitasha Biswas Has a Message for the World

Nitasha Biswas will be contesting Miss Trans Queen International pageant in Thailand next year

Gurugram, September 07, 2017:  Beauty is not entitled to a particular gender; rather it is beyond the realms of sexuality. This year on Sept 03, India crowned its first ‘Miss Trans Queen 2017’-  Nitasha Biswas at a beauty pageant held in Gurugram (Gurgaon).

Reporter Naina Mishra of Newsgram brings you an exclusive interview with Nitasha Biswas where she speaks her heart out about the unfortunate fate of transgenders in the society. 

Miss Trans Queen 2017 India – Nitasha Biswas

The 26-year-old transwoman hails from Kolkata. From a tender age, Nitasha was aware of the gender dysphoria. She wanted to change her sexuality but at the same time pursue her basic education. Soon after completing her graduation, she flew to Delhi in the pursuit of her dreams.

Speaking to Newsgram, Nitasha says, “the journey started in childhood only when I was in school. I was firm that I would have to pave the way for this journey. My family was strict and had many restrictions back then, but I always knew that I have to complete my education.”

She lost her mother at the young age. Not succumbing to the circumstances, Nitasha self-nurtured herself to become what she is today.

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“My brother was the first person to acknowledge the changes and appreciated my will throughout the journey. I remember telling my father that if there is a will, there is a way to whatever you do.”

Questioning about the perception of society, Nitasha says: Transgenders have existed since the beginning of time. There can be different kinds of people – Tall, short, dark. But why not Transgender? You simply cannot stereotype based on the identity one carries. Everyone is born with a certain decorum in this world. The power doesn’t reside with us.

Before becoming a trans model, Nitasha has worked for Jabong as a stylist and was part of many other ventures.

Miss Trans Queen 2017 India – Nitasha Biswas

Dark sides are always going to exist, but it is equally important to shape your thoughts towards a positive direction and for Nitasha, it was celebrating womanhood.

She feels, “the coin has both sides, and the dark side is there but talking about the bright side holds value to me more. Everyone has a dark phase into their lives before they hail into a successful person.”

Transwomen are emerging out stronger than ever before. On the same lines, Nitasha questioned that why can’t transwomen be the Member of Parliament or the CEO of a Multi National Company. It is like limiting a person for where you come from and what you are.

Defining womanhood Nitasha says;

A woman is someone who is beautiful inside out. The calmness, serenity, strength, and audacity of embracing every role with perfection are something that defines a woman. 

Emphasizing the emotional sides of women, Nitasha said, I am a compassionate person, and I believe that for a woman, it is emotions which mould one into a beautiful lady.

While addressing the young women, Miss Trans Queen said:  

We all are on page 1 and no one is less. It’s time that we come forward to embrace our true selves and act for the betterment of tomorrow. 

After winning the title Nitasha’s life has changed. She says, “the crown is heavy but the heaviness of the crown comes to me as the responsibility. It’s the responsibility for the entire community to rise and shine. I am here to empower my community that we not less than anyone.”

To be a survivor is the best part of the whole journey. When I won the title, she said, I realized that the pain was worth going through. The prize overshadowed the sufferings of the past.

Nitasha aspires to be a Bollywood star in the near future. She will be contesting Miss Trans Queen International pageant in Thailand next year.


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