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India's former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Wikimedia
  • Priya Singh Paul claims to be secret granddaughter of Indira Gandhi
  • She will legally fight for her birth certificate and adoption papers to prove aforesaid
  • She spoke against the film Indu Sarkar which portrays her family in bad light

New Delhi, July 11, 2017: An Indian woman, Priya Singh Paul has claimed to be former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi’s secret granddaughter. In a press conference held on Monday, Paul declared that she is Indira Gandhi’s eldest son, Sanjay Gandhi’s daughter who deceased in a plane crash in 1980. She had been adopted when she was a mere baby and was told about her biological father only when she grew up. She is fighting for her birth certificate and adoption papers in the court. She alleged that her adoption papers were forged.

She was prompted to speak up about her adoption after the trailer of the upcoming Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie, Indu Sarkar. “The film is set against the backdrop of Emergency urged by Indira Gandhi in 1975 which served as a period of unrest and witnessed civil liberties being laid down,” mentioned AFP report.

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According to Priya Singh Paul, 48, the movie portrays only 30 percent facts and is 70 percent fiction and shows her late father and his mother in a bad light. She claimed that she not after power, wealth or property but she couldn’t stand anyone pointing finger at her father. Her sole purpose was to establish her identity and guard her family name from being harmed.

The Gandhi family members have not given any comments on her declaration which started to appear in the recent weeks.

Paul says, her mother was underage which led to her secret marriage with Sanjay Gandhi and was later made to give her up for adoption. She was adopted by a wealthy couple who had no clue about her ancestors but started to make inquiries when a family friend told them that she came from a powerful political family. She, along with her lawyer, Tanveer Nizam would ask for the court’s permission to carry out a DNA test.

Congress leader, Sanjay Nirupam has demanded a pre-screening of Indu Sarkar for the party, which is set to release on July 28, this year. However, Madhu Bhandarkar has refused to carry out Nirupam’s request.

– prepared by Harsimran Kaur of NewsGram. Twitter: Hkaur1025


Wikimedia Commons

The Centre on Wednesday directed all Union Ministries and Departments to clear Air India's dues immediately.

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"Air India has stopped extending credit facilities on account of purchase of air tickets. Therefore, all Ministries or Departments are directed to clear Air India's dues immediately." "Air tickets from Air India may be purchased in cash till further instructions."

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