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An Initiative By Women To Inspire Womanhood- ‘The Bravest Women’s Planner 2021’

I believe every woman can help shape the world in a better way by inspiring others to be bold and fearless Ritu Singal

In the first-ever initiative by three Chandigarh-based women to inspire womanhood, ‘The Bravest Women’s Planner 2021’, inspired by one of the top 10 life coaches in India Ritu Singal, featured 21 women of substance from across India comprising six belonging to this city, it was announced on Sunday.

The personalities featuring in the planner include Shobha Kosar (co-founder ‘Pracheen Kala Kendra’), Sumita Misra (IAS officer and literary personality), Shirin Maan Sangha (founder ‘NeedleDust’), Mahita Nagaraj (founder ‘Care Mongers India’), Manasi Chaudhari (founder ‘Pink Legal’), Diljott (actress-cum-model), Sapna Bardhan (co-founder ‘Hathlogic’), Khushboo Jain (co-founder ‘Impact Guru’), Kamiya Jani (founder ‘Curly Tales YouTube channel’), Freishia B (founder ‘Whack YouTube channel’).

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Charu Chopra (healer and motivational coach), Chetna Mehrotra (artiste), Livleen Kaur (globetrotter), Manju Jain (homepreneur), Rakshita Dwivedi (founder ‘Recipe Dabba’), Surbhi Dhingra (senior engineer at Microsoft), Nikita Singhal (educationist), Srishti Jaitwani (author), Bani Singh Drishti Gupta (co-founders of ‘Now and Me’) and Rashmi Raisinghani (food expert).

Entrepreneur Ritu Singal said ‘The Bravest Women’s Planner 2021’ is a well-thought initiative. “I believe every woman can help shape the world in a better way by inspiring others to be bold and fearless.”

the bravest women's planner
The bravest women’s planner- 2021 is a well-thought initiative. IANS

Co-creator Gurmilan Kaur said this planner journal would help women organize their day-to-day activities, focus on their physical and mental well-being and achieve the goals which they otherwise tend to neglect or overlook. “We want it to become every woman’s best friend with whom she can talk to, discuss ideas and take guidance from.”

Another co-creator Jaspreet Kaur said, “We also believe that the inspiring stories of 21 brave and beautiful women, who are bettering lives, re-writing the rules of success and shattering stereotypes related to age and gender, would encourage many ladies to reach out for their dreams or make difference in the life of someone in a special way.” Renowned Kathak exponent Shobha Kosar, who is part of ‘The Bravest Women’s Planner 2021’ and belongs to Chandigarh, told IANS that she felt proud for being part of this planner journal meant to bring value to a woman’s life.

“The New Year could not have a better start where a planner based on women was launched. The planner will help women organize their day-to-day lives and inspire them to focus on self-love, too,” she added.

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Bani Singh, co-founder of “Now and Me”, is delighted to be part of the planner. “It is a matter of extreme honor to be included along so many inspiring and path-breaking women. It is all the more heartwarming to see our efforts towards mental wellness being recognized and honored.”

Likewise, Freishia in a message wrote, “I believe in being SMART,” which she defines as S — self-awareness; M — multi-dimensional; A — ask the right questions; R — read (everything); and T — time (move with the times). Seventy-four-year-old Livleen Kahlon said, “It’s her pleasure to be a part of the planner.” “Women are ahead in every field so this planner shows the right direction to the women as well as motivates them to always inspire them.” (IANS)



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