Instagram to Hide Public Likes: Will This Affect Influencers and Businesses?

Instagram has some shocking news for its users and users cannot stop gagging

Instagram app logo is displayed on a mobile screen in Los Angeles. VOA

The recent news that Instagram is on the way to hide the ‘Like’ button from its users has made many people wonder is this true. Instagram officials claim that users will now look at the platform completely different. Influencers and businesses won’t be focused on the number of “likes” anymore. Instead, they will be oriented on posting more quality content. How will this affect the influencers and businesses? The answer comes in many variations, but one core thing remains the same. Users will change their orientation, and their presence will be based on different parameters of success.

In terms of political and psychological effects, this radical change will have an impact on both influencers and followers. Instagram is based on approval of the content, and users get this kind of approval every single day. If this option is unavailable, we face a huge difference in the overall use of the network. We will become less focused on the number of “likes.” Still, we will care about how people react to our content. But the condition will be different. We will face the difference in our self-worth system, which completely changes our comprehension of the content online.

If we no longer get the “like” from our audience, what makes us motivated to post the content? Are we just addicted to that kind of gratification? Or we depend on the needs to be lovable and popular? Most “likes” are made to send the particular type of support to the influencers. But what are they getting if the ‘Like’ button is removed? They get more opportunities to base their presence on other things — comments, for instance; and shares that will remain available to users.

that Instagram is on the way to hide the ‘Like’ button from its users. Pixabay

In this manner, the conditions for influencers and businesses will change. On the scale of a good taste and quality content, you must rank high to get the right attention. Instagram managers understand all of these parameters, and they let influencers explore new ways to create quality content. It is not anymore the matter of the “likes” they get. It is more about the way they post and the impact they have on the audience. They will be able to organize the content in a way that attracts attention, but without the need to deserve an instant “like.” It will be a solid motivation for them to improve the content that will be powerful enough to change the follower’s perspective.

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For all other people who are users and followers on Instagram, politics remains the same. You will be able to search, explore, and find the people you like the most, without the pressure to “like” the content. Influencers and business owners may need to find a new way to get closer to the audience, which might be a huge change of direction. We can say that Instagram transforms the position as a social media leader, and brings new rules for all users. The measure of quality will be based on personal effort rather than a self-approval need. Will we get a more powerful and influential media? It is left to see.



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