5 Instagram Tools One Should Be Using In 2021

There are certain Instagram growth tools that will help one grow, gain followers, and likes organically

Instagram tool
Instagram tools for growth. Pixabay


We are living in the digital era where the internet is rapidly taking over our lives and influencing the way we live. Social media platforms are becoming popular and people are becoming more curious about them. Talking about these platforms, the third most popular is Instagram with over 800 million users worldwide. The youth loves to gain Instagram followers and likes. Living in 2021, one should know how to harness the power of social media and influence or earn money through them. There are certain Instagram growth tools that will help one grow, gain followers, and likes organically.

These Instagram growth tools can be used by content curators, small businesses, organizations, or anyone who wishes to gain Instagram followers and likes. With increasing popularity, one can find many growth tools available for improving marketing strategies but here, we recommend 5 Instagram growth tools that will help one analyze the audience and their interests, create posts, and engage them through these posts. These tools will also allow anyone to spend less time and increase their reach!

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Combin Growth

Combin growth is one of the most-liked Instagram tools and one to look out for in 2021. This tool works like a magnet in attracting real followers, genuine comments and Instagram likes without putting the account at the risk of getting banned. This is a significant tool to analyze, create, engage, and most importantly increase Instagram followers and likes. This tool will help in long-term growth, unlike certain other tools that purchase fake followers for the page and put it at a risk at the cost of money. 

Some of the other functions performed by Combin include managing up to 5 other accounts, keeping a track of people who do not follow back, and keeping a track of Instagram follower’s growth. It is a safer alternative to spam tools. Another advantage that it brings to the table is that it is really easy to use and operate!

instagram tools
Combin growth is one of the most-liked Instagram tools. Pixabay


The easiest way to schedule Instagram posts is here! Simple to use yet effective, this tool can also be used to hack growth in Pinterest. 

One can perform various functions like planning the Instagram grid, auto-scheduling posts, stories, videos, reels, finding the best hashtags, monitoring the comment section, tracking results – all with one simple tool. Tailwind will not disappoint and will surely work as a time saver. One just needs to schedule the post, add the content and he is good to go. It is that easy!

Hashtags for likes

Well, who doesn’t want to gain Instagram likes and become popular? This tool comes in handy for those who are looking out to increase the number of likes on their posts. People use the same hashtag for every post which makes it less appealing afterward and leads to slow growth because followers ultimately lose interest. 

Hashtags for likes helps in finding the right and engaging hashtags on Instagram, giving access to the audience which earlier could not be catered to. Hashtags are often overlooked but when the page is able to discover new audiences through the use of the right hashtags, it can prove advantageous and gain a massive following.

Instagram tools
Hashtags for likes helps in finding the right and engaging hashtags on Instagram. Pixabay


Another simple yet powerful tool to use in 2021. It is a free tool that can help in optimizing Instagram traffic. There is only one place on Instagram to attach a link – that is in bio. The link helps in driving followers to other content platforms. 

Linktree allows a person to create a single link that drives Instagram followers to all recent content. Hence, one can target not only Instagram growth but also the growth of other social media platforms, website visits, article visits, etc. It is a decent tool to use but unlike other Instagram tools, the features and services it provides are lesser.

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We can call this the ‘all in one Instagram growth tool’. SocialMeep helps to grow the Instagram page immensely by increasing engagement and automatically increasing the followers count, likes, views, comments through the use of an AI-powered mechanism. One just needs to define their audience setting and then let the tool do its work magically to increase engagement

A tried and tested tool, SocialMeep would surely not disappoint and deliver outstanding high-quality results. Unlike other services available on the play store which claim to increase followers or likes, SocialMeep is safer and runs zero risks of getting blocked, red-flagged, or banned by Instagram. 

Growing Instagram following organically might seem a tough nut to crack but if a person knows how to use these growth tools perfectly, he can make the optimum use of the platform. With sheer consistency and the right practices, one can always succeed here. Remember, there is no shortcut to success, it only requires hard work and determination. 

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