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Interesting makeup Tricks that will make you stand out in the Crowd in your Christmas Party!

Try using white-gold colour on your eyes or do up your hair in a messy bun or braid on the day

New Delhi, Dec 23, 2016: Winter parties ahead of Christmas are aplenty, and playing around with your looks using simple make-up tricks would make you stand out. So, try using white-gold colour on your eyes or do up your hair in a messy bun or braid on the day, suggests an expert.

Bharti Taneja, Cosmetologist-Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Group, has shared a few tips:

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* Eyes: Start with applying a dark grey eye-shadow on your eye lids and follow up with patting on some antique black shimmer for a sultry look. Now, contour using a black shade on the outer corners of your peepers and smudge out for a softer look.

Then, highlight on the eyebrow bones using a white-gold colour and also apply hints of it on the inner corners to instantly brighten up the eyes. Then, use a little copper shade below your lids and define the upper lash-line with a winged liner in jet-black hue.

Adorn your waterline with lining it using a midnight-black coloured kohl followed by applying double coats of mascara to open-up the eyes. Finish off with cleaning the face to remove all the fall-outs happened during the eye make-up and get ready to be the limelight of the party.

* Base: A tinted moisturizer can be perfect choice as a make-up base in this season of chill. As apart from providing the much-needed moisture, it will also hide all the flaws of the skin while making it appear even-toned.

Now, seal the look for your Christmas by means of powdering the base well with a matching two-way cake; this will give velvety-finish to the do. Then, contour below your cheekbones using a light brown shade and follow by applying pink or peach shade blusher.

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* Lips: Incept your Christmas Party lip-do with lining your lips using a quality lip-liner preferably in bright shades like fuchsia pink, ripe orange or any ravishing shade of red, to add some style. Fill in with the same colour and seal the look with a gloss.

Make sure to choose a long-lasting variety of lip products to turn your makeup last all-night during the party.

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* Hair: Most of the girls would want to let their hair down. Be it soft curls or straightened hair — both will steal the show. Trying out some new hairstyles is recommended as well. Hair styles like, a messy bun, side bun or messy braid are much in fashion too and can donned for a diva-like look. (IANS)



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