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Internshala Successfully Hosted a One-day Internship – Gave 11 Students an Insight Into The Startup Culture

The work culture at Internshala was great & the team members were not restricted to work at a particular desk or cubicle

11 interns from diverse educational backgrounds were selected for this internship, out of ~3000 applicants across India.

India’s largest internships and trainings platform, Internshala hosted a unique one-day internship program on 15th February 2019. During this program, 11 students from across India were selected out of 3000+ applicants and got an opportunity to live Internshala for a day. The motive behind hosting this offbeat internship program was to inspire and encourage students to become a part of something disruptive and explore their career options by giving them a sense of the startup culture and introducing them to various functions that make an organisation.

The interns were selected based on their application, a telephonic interview, and the level of enthusiasm they showed for the internship. During the one-day internship, the selected interns got to understand about the functioning of various teams of the organisation and worked with the operations team in which they learned how internships are authenticated and approved to be posted on the platform. Each intern was assigned a mentor to guide them throughout the day.


Internshala hosted a one-of-a-kind 1-Day internship program on 15th February 2019.

The internship proved to be a successful event for the interns as they had a fun-filled learning experience wherein they got to interact and conjure up ideas with members from different teams throughout the day. Towards the end of the day, they were rewarded for their hard work with a certificate and Internshala goodies.

On organising this one-day internship, Shadab Alam, the head of corporate relations at Internshala said, “We invited students to come and experience Internshala through this 1-Day Internship and received an overwhelming number of applications from across the country. The selected interns got an opportunity to understand how the start-up functions and an opportunity to explore prospective career options.”

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“We were taught everything about how internships get posted on the platform and how they handle a huge number of companies waiting to post their internships. It also gave me an insight into the amount of hard work and time it takes to deliver an internship to the students. The work culture at Internshala was great & the team members were not restricted to work at a particular desk or cubicle. ” said, Apoorva Agnihotri, one of the one-day interns.

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Internshala Trainings launches Marketing Ninja Challenge, a Digital Marketing Contest

Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that he was hiring Bitcoin developers for his payments company, Square

Internshala Trainings Launches Innovatice Challenge.

With the advent of digitalisation, digital marketing has emerged as one of the hottest fields to work in. It is because of digital marketing that even small businesses are now able to reach out to a global marketplace. In a bid to encourage students to learn this in-demand skill and build a career in it, Internshala Trainings has launched the Marketing Ninja Challenge. The contest is open for applications until 28th March 2019.

In this contest, the students will learn digital marketing from scratch, through a 6-week online training. At the end of the training, the students will be required to create a project and the top 3 performers stand a chance to win cash prizes worth INR 1 lakh. The project would include building a blog and driving traffic to it through various means.

Interested candidates can apply for this competition through official website of Internshala.

On the launch of Marketing Ninja Challenge, the Founder and CEO of Internshala, Sarvesh Agrawal said, “According to Internshala’s internship trends report for 2018, 47% of the employers are hiring interns for management roles, out of which, 39% are hiring for marketing roles. This highlights the soaring demand for marketing professionals in the market. Through this contest, we are aiming to motivate the students of India to learn this high in-demand skill and seize the opportunity to build a successful career in the field of digital marketing”.

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For more details or to register for the contest, visit Internshala’s website.