Job Interview Gone Wrong? These Twitter Threads Will Teach You Big Time Lesson

In the series of tweets, an interviewer revealed amusing interview details from various candidates

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Aug 10, 2017: Interviews can be disastrous and hilarious at the same time if candidates fare weird when they come seeking for jobs. Ravina Rawal, a writer, filmmaker, and critic narrates a story at her twitter handle where she chalks out the kind of mischievous candidates she has come across while conducting job interviews.

In the series of tweets, she revealed amusing interview details from various candidates:

The Brozoned Candidates

But bro, if you’re cancelling an interview, don’t (a) WhatsApp me (b) to say that you’re hungover

The Inquisitive Candidates

When I ask you how old you are, responding with “How old are YOU? ūüėČ ” is far from appropriate.

The Opportunist Candidates

When I offer you tea/coffee/water, asking for juice is the wrong kinda ambitious. You’re here for an interview, not a food tasting.

The Anti-Boss Candidates

Don’t bitch endlessly about your former boss. “We didn’t get along” or “it wasn’t working out” is enough.¬†

“He was an asshole” is too much.

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The Flawed CV Candidates

If you’re bringing a hard copy of your CV, great. PLEASE ensure that it is (a) thoroughly spell-checked and (b) not severely crumpled.

The Oversmart candidates

When I quiz you about something that concerns me on your CV, don’t tell me you’ve looked mine up and “we’re basically the same”. You’re 22.

The stoner Candidates

Don’t come stoned. YOU think you’re a “functional junkie”/ “more creative” when high, but those aren’t sentences you’re making. They’re sounds

The Sloppy Candidates

PLEASE look like you’ve showered at some point in the last 24 hours. Comb your hair. Cut your nails. Don’t wear rubber chappals.

The Doubtful Candidates

If I give you a quick assignment/copy test, I’m testing you on a key skill I need you to have. Saying “do I have to?” is just…

The Freelancer Candidates

“Is it cool if I freelance on the side?”

(a) NO, DUDE. And (b) if your side hustle was working, you wouldn’t be applying for a main squeeze

The ‘Never Give Up’ Candidates

Also, if you sense that the interview is going badly, I’m the wrong person to say “Can you hook me up with AIB or EIC?” to on your way out.

The Social Candidates

If you’re coming for an interview with a friend, no problem, but when there’s only one opening, don’t give the package deal ultimatum.

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