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iPhone 11 Pro: Seamless Productivity with Creativity (Tech Review)

iPhone 11 Pro also offers up to four more hours of battery life in a day

Apple, Suppliers, iPhone 11
After the increase, prepared production volume for the iPhone 11 series will be higher compared to last year," the report said, quoting a source. Pixabay

By Nishant Arora

More than anything else, holding a new iPhone means enjoying both seamless productivity and creativity along with a definite style statement that you can keep flaunting till the craze settles in.

If you are in the iPhone ecosystem or wish to own one as part of your bucket list, upgrading to a new handset every festive season makes sense for several reasons – new powerful chip, better camera specifications, more security and, above all, for experiencing the best Cupertino has produced after a year of R&D.

Owning an iPhone in India is still considered a luxury — similar to owning a brand new sedan or going on a foreign trip while your neighbours are jostling for space in the Himalayan hills.

If you have seen people queuing up at Apple Authorised Reseller stores across the country in the last few days, you can definitely sense that slowdown fears are not yet here to bother people who have enough cash to splurge on new iPhone 11 and its more expensive brethren — 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

Let us talk about iPhone 11 Pro which sits in the middle of the three new iPhones and with some extra effort on your budget, can slip right in your pocket (taking an EMI route is the best option to relish this astonishing piece of technology).

The 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro starts at Rs 99,900 for the 64GB base variant in India. It houses an A13 Bionic chip, 12MP front camera, and a triple real-camera setup (12MP+12MP+12MP), 3046mAh battery and runs the latest iOS 13.

For those who still want to hold a screen size that easily fits in the palm, iPhone 11 Pro is the only new Apple device that comes in the perfect 5.8-inch size. For both genders, carrying it becomes easy as it slips perfectly in the pocket too (for girls, carrying iPhone Pro in the back pocket of the jeans with triple-camera jutting out is turning out to be the latest fad).

Taking selfies or ‘slofies’ has become a boring exercise for several of us but iPhone Pro makes it interesting again, with all-new “Ultra Wide” camera that fundamentally changes the experience by capturing four times more scene, great for taking landscape or architecture photos, tight shots and more.

The new Wide sensor with 100 per cent “Focus Pixels” and advanced software enables Night mode, and delivers huge improvements to photos shot in indoor and outdoor low-light environments, which resulted in brighter images with natural colours and reduced noise.

Apple, Suppliers, iPhone 11
This autumn is so far much busier than we expected. Previously, Apple was quite conservative about placing orders. Pixabay

You are not done yet.

The triple-camera system takes Portrait mode to a new level with the ability to choose Wide and Telephoto framing, enabling Portrait mode with a wider field of view, great for taking portraits of multiple people.

The Telephoto camera helps capture 40 per cent more light compared to last year’s iPhone XS for better photos and videos.

For creative souls, the new TrueDepth sensor in the front camera offers a wider field of view to capture selfies, and next-generation Smart HDR enables more natural-looking photos.

Expressive selfie videos take on a whole new look with the TrueDepth camera that now records 4K video at up to 60 frames per second and 120 fps slo-mo for that perfect “slofie”.

If you are on Instagram and want to edit photos or even videos to charm your followers, “Portrait Lighting” adjustments can be made right in the camera app to adjust the intensity of light on a subject, and a new “High-Key Mono” effect creates a beautiful, monochromatic look for Portrait mode photos.

With iOS 13, use powerful video editing tools in iPhone Pro to rotate, crop, increase exposure and apply filters to videos instantly and stun your social media friends.

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iPhone 11 Pro also offers up to four more hours of battery life in a day.

Conclusion: It is a new iPhone, and an 11 Pro! For Rs 1 lakh, it is a testimony to the fact that you own the best. Spending Rs 1.5 lakh or more on smartphones does not make front page news these days. So go, own it, flaunt it, stun your social media followers with perfectly edited photos and videos and call yourself a smartphone ‘Pro’. (IANS)

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Apple Refutes Report of Sharing Safari Data with Tencent or Google

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he believes privacy is "ingrained in the Constitution," but that he's worried about how third-party companies have worked to collect information on us

Apple, Campus, China
A customer is entering the Apple store in Fairfax, Virginia. VOA

After media reports surfaced that Apple is sending iOS users’ data via its Safari browser to Google and the Chinese tech company Tencent, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker refuted such reports, saying it safeguards people’s information in its own systems and never shares it with third-party players.

A report in reclaimthenet.org stated that “Apple, which often positions itself as a champion of privacy and human rights, may be sending some IP addresses from users of its Safari browser on iOS to Chinese conglomerate Tencent — a company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party”.

The report focused on Apple’s “fraudulent website warning” system which is built into Apple’s Safari web browser to warn people when they visit sites that are harmful and can trick users into sharing login passwords for banks, email and social media.

“Before visiting a website, Safari may send information calculated from the website address to Google Safe Browsing and Tencent Safe Browsing to check if the website is fraudulent. These browsing providers may also log your IP address,’ read the information on Apple’s “Safari & Privacy” section.

It’s unclear when Apple started allowing Tencent and Google to log some user IP addresses, but one Twitter user reported the change in Safari happened as early as the iOS 12.2 beta in February 2019, said the report.

Google on an Android device. Pixabay

In a statement, the company said it actually doesn’t send information to Google or Tencent.

“Instead, it receives a list of bad websites from both companies and then uses it to protect people as they surf the web. Apple sometimes obscures the information about the website people visit if it requests more information to check if a questionable website is malicious,” CNET reported on Monday, citing Apple’s statement.

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For people concerned about their privacy, the service can be turned off in Safari preferences on the iPhone or Mac.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he believes privacy is “ingrained in the Constitution,” but that he’s worried about how third-party companies have worked to collect information on us. (IANS)