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Irish Rock band U2, Image taken from their website

London, Jan 10, 2017: Irish rock band U2 will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their “The Joshua Tree” album with a world tour in summer.

The band, consisting of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr, will play the 1987 album in full each night on every tour date of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, which starts in May and runs through until July, reports

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U2 has so far announced just two dates in Britain and Ireland. They will play at Twickenham Stadium in London on July 8 and Croke Park in Dublin on July 22.

“It seems like we have come full circle from when ‘The Joshua Tree’ songs were originally written, with global upheaval, extreme right-wing politics and some fundamental human rights at risk,” said The Edge.

“To celebrate the album – as these songs seem so relevant and prescient of these times too – we decided to do these shows, it feels right for now. We are looking forward to it.”

Bono said the idea for a tour came after he recently listened to “The Joshua Tree” again for the first time in nearly 30 years.

“It’s quite an opera. A lot of emotions which feel strangely current, love, loss, broken dreams, seeking oblivion, polarisation… All the greats,” he said.

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He added that while the band have performed songs from “The Joshua Tree” in concert over the years, this will mark the first time they have showcased the entire album in one show.

“The Joshua Tree”, which sold over 25 million copies worldwide, included classic songs such as “With or without you”, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and “Where the streets have no name”. (IANS)


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