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Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks about brainwashing Palestinian children with hatred. Wikimedia
  • This is not the first time Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has released a video talking about selected issues
  • Palestinians building statues of people who mass murdered Israeli men, women and children is morally incorrect and a shame for humanity
  • Khaled Nazzal planned the murder of 22 Israeli school children and four grown-ups

September 4, 2017: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a new video on twitter with a message that how Palestinian Children are taught the message to hate and kill by showing them how the fellow Palestinians honor the people who mass murdered Israeli’s. It’s wrong to spread hatred in a child’s mind, to hail murderers as heroes.

This is not the first time Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has released a video talking straightforwardly about selected issues, he began this practice in 2016.

Palestinian Children are being brainwashed with hatred

Palestinians building statues of people who mass murdered Israeli men, women and children is morally incorrect and a shame for humanity. When a child would ask his or her mother about the statue, she will tell him about how this murderer mercilessly killed children many of whom were her child’s age. Netanyahu said, “I want you to close your eyes and imagine. I want you to imagine a seven-year old girl named Fatima. She is walking to school with her mother, and sees a statue, and asks ‘who is that?’ Her mother answers-that is Khaled Nazzal. He planned the murder of 22 Israeli school children and four grown-ups.” Palestinians are filling the minds of young children with poison by expecting them to respect murderers as they honored them by building their statue’s.

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Netanyahu continued in a similar manner, speaking out against the various statues erected by the Palestinian Authority in honor of terrorists like:

  • Dalal Maghrabi- In 1978’s Coastal Road Massacre she murdered 38 Israelis on a bus
  • Abu Sakkar- he is responsible for 15 Israelis death

Netanyahu voiced a strong message, “Children should be taught to love and respect, not hate and kill.” He concludes the video with this concern, “There are so many champions of peace to dedicate statues to. Why do the Palestinians consistently choose to honor mass murderers?” This video raises some important questions. What is the need to honor those who murdered their fellow countrymen? Why can’t statue’s be dedicated to people who fought for peace instead?

We all know about the prolonged communal conflict between Israeli’s and Palestinians but Palestinians stooped down to a very low level by building statues of Khaled Nazzal, Dalal Maghrabi, and Abu Sakkar, they are stained with innocent Israeli blood. Not only is this despicable it also gives a wrong message of hatred to Palestinian Children.

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