Tuesday April 7, 2020
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ISRO to develop replacement GPS for better accuracy


Kolkata: India’s indigenous position determination system being developed by national space agency ISRO will serve as a “replacement GPS” for the public with enhanced access in remote areas, an official said here on Saturday.

It will also aid in navigation and monitoring of fleet (trucks and ships) movement, the official added.

“We will have our own position determination system using our own navigation constellation, the IRNSS series which will be operational by middle of next year. It is a kind of replacement GPS,” said Deviprasad Karnik, the director, publication and public relations, ISRO.

“The US is offering the GPS navigation. IRNSS is indigenous”, he added while talking to reporters here on the sidelines of a lecture on India’s Space mission and use of Space Technology as a solution to Sustainable challenges of Kolkata at Birla Industrial and Technological Museum.

Four of the seven satellites in IRNSS constellation (IRNSS-1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D) are in orbit. Remaining three satellites (IRNSS-1E, 1F and 1G) are targeted for launch during January 2016 to March 2016, he said.

“Once the constellation is completed, we need some time to establish the accuracy part, validation and other things. The advantage is that the navigation range has been designed to span around 1,500 km radius around India,” he said.

“GPS is not available at all places. Signal is weak in remote areas but our own signal will be available in remote areas with better accuracy.”

As an example of the app-based positioning service, Karnik said, it will help in effective management of fleet movement.

“Monitoring and effective management of fleet of trucks or ship monitoring will be done through spacecraft. For example, for ships the system can inform which route will be more effective. That will save time and fuel,” he said.


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Here’s why You Should Invest in Smart Luggage

6 reasons you need smart luggage for your next travel

Smart luggage
Here are key reasons to invest in smart luggage for your next travel. Pixabay


Your luggages can either make or break the overall trip experience. Though modern luggages are far superior, it still needs to be smarter to be in tune with the needs of the travellers.

Here’s why travellers need to shift their focus to connected suitcases with related gadgets. From mobile apps, GPS tracking to built-in scales, these features make the travel experience reliable, easier and controllable.

Shibu Kalayil, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, FOVERO shares six key reasons to invest in smart luggage for your next travel.

Built-In Luggage Scales

If you are someone who loves stuffing the bags with souvenirs, then this feature is for you. The built-in digital weighing scales informs the traveller when to remove the additional items in the bag. The digital scales can be easily placed inside the suitcase to indicate the exact weight of the bag. This smart feature lets you avoid unnecessary charges and surprises at the luggage counter.

Smart luggage
Smart luggage is a cool must-have for gadget nomads. Pixabay

Tracking and Alerts

Luggage security is one of the primary concerns of wanderlusts worldwide. Everyone understands that it is wise never to leave luggage unattended or in the vigilance of an unknown individual.

But what’s wiser is to carry luggage equipped with advanced lock features such as a GPS tracker. Pairing the smart luggage with respective apps enables the anti-theft or the proximity features.

Thus, making the travel secure and stress-free. Besides, the so-called companion apps share real-time information to phone about current flight details, the proximity of the bag in real-time and much more. One can easily connect via Bluetooth giving the traveler a great option to keep track of belongings as well as the flight status.

Anti-Theft Protection

It is not just enough to have a lock and key to safeguard the valuables of your bag. Therefore, the smart luggage manufacturers brings the anti-theft feature to help travellers travel worry-free. This is enabled via app notification, alerts and alarm which are activated when the luggage is moved out of range or disconnected.

Smart luggage
Smart luggage makes for not just a great travel accessory but they add to the style quotient too. Pixabay

On-The-Go Battery Packs

Smart luggage is a cool must-have for gadget nomads. This is because it comes with battery packs that let the traveller charge the gadgets on-the-go. Getting clearance for these battery packs at the airport is easy as they are TSA-approved. These packs can be accessed via a USB device and some even come with fast charging support. There is also the option to remove these battery packs from the smart luggage. These can be carried along without the need to have the suitcase around at all times.


Contrary to popular belief smart luggage is built in compliance with the airline regulations. Equipped with removable powerbanks which can be ejected from an external slot thus making it compliant to the safety regulations with power banks. Not just this, the smart luggage manufactured is compliant in terms of its hardware, battery, systems and the luggage size making it super convenient.

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Accommodating Designs

Smart luggage makes for not just a great travel accessory but they add to the style quotient too. Smart suitcases can be found in several colours and sizes. Besides, being well-made brands offer smart bags with a lifetime warranty. They are available in multiple configurations including the one for kids. The smart bags allow an easy and quick way to eject or remove the batteries. Thus, making for a thoughtful investment option for every traveler.

Smart luggage can be a great travel partner for seasoned travellers as well as amateurs. It gives that much-needed peace of mind while letting you enjoy. So, next time you book your flight tickets make sure to check for the travel insurance policy and get on with your smart suitcase to travel without any hassles. (IANS)