Look Out For The Jeggings For Girls in Winter Season

Tunics and stoles is yet another good combination of top wear with jeggings. Thin or thick belts along with fashionable buckles can add in a boho look to this ensemble

Jeggings for winters. Pixabay

Jeggings for girls are perfect clothing for winters. They are made of a material that is thicker than leggings. They are made of a mix of denim and a lot of spandex. The result is that they trap heat and keep you warm, making them the right choice for winter wear. Another plus factor with jeggings for girls is that they can be paired with several tops like tunics, tops, t-shirts, sweaters, women’s jackets and even some kinds of ladies dresses.

The advantage of form-fitting clothing is that it gives you the option to experiment with loose fitting clothes are second layers. Naturally, this kind of dressing cannot be done all around the year and is best reserved for winters. Jeggings for girls can help you come up with a fresh look even with the same wardrobe essentials from summer. Let’s look at some style tips to pep up your jeggings look.

Jeggings are great for all kinds of body shape. So let’s get this myth out that jeggings are clothing only for women with a thin frame of the body. Having said that, since jeggings are close body fit, a little care needs to be taken regarding the length and fit of the top used to pair up the jeggings with. Since we are discussing it as part of winter clothing, ladies dresses that are short or sleeveless can be easily paired up with jeggings.

Representational image. Pixabay

Short ladies dresses that end just at the point of your knees are great for jeggings. Printed, patterned or plain dresses, all of them go well with solid color monochromatic jeggings. If you are planning to wear a sleeveless dress, wear it on top of a full hand body fitting t-shirt. It will keep you warm at the same time adding a lot of cool factor to your clothing. It also adds a twist to your regular sleeveless dress. If you are planning to wear simple and plain ladies dress, then factor in a woolen stole to complete the winter look.

T-shirts with jeggings is another popular look. However, in my opinion this is not the most recommended look for every woman during winters unless the t-shirt is made of material that can keep you warm. A simple v-neck black t-shirt with black jeggings of a good make can make a bold statement of style in winters. Add in a colorful cardigan, a cowl or an ill fitting sweater to add in a chic look.

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In the Indian context, jeggings can be worn with kurtis made specifically for winter. There are a lot of options in material used to make winter wear that’s used in making winter kurtis too. They are ethnic, stylish, practical and go perfectly well with jeggings. It is a lot of fun to mix and match jeggings with such kurtis to keep altering your look during the cold months.

Tunics and stoles is yet another good combination of top wear with jeggings. Thin or thick belts along with fashionable buckles can add in a boho look to this ensemble.


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