Jihadi Bride: How Islamic State (ISIS) Terrorist Group is Selling False Dreams to Naive British Girls in Name of Islamic Fantasy

Young girls are groomed online and seduced with a dream of a perfect caliphate

Jihadi brides
Jihadi Brides. Newsgram

Aug 10, 2017:

Feminism is on the rise in the present age. It calls for equal rights and women empowerment as a whole. However, Islamic groups have invaded empowerment with the illicit propaganda to lure women in name of women empowerment and convert them into a  ‘Jihadi Bride’. Women in the West declare outright support for Islamic State. Extremist organizations have long recognized the power of women.

Why are British women deciding to join and support the Islamic state? It is the agenda professed by ISIS which lures the young Muslim British girls. ISIS has declared that they are the true caliphates where people live under a leader called the Caliph, the successor of Prophet Muhammad, which impels the young British Muslims to think that it’s their duty to go and live under ISIS.

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The other possible reasons could be a dismissal of the Western feminism, online contact with recruiters who propose marriage and chance to explore one’s true self, youthful sense of adventure, peer or family influence, adherence to ISIS ideology, naivety, and romantic optimism, and the chance to be part of something new, exciting and illicit.

Jihadi bride is a term that the Islamic State uses while attracting women into its fold. A report compiled by the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies remarks- “while selling women empowerment, the ISIS has been luring women from foreign countries to join it in Syria”.

“We talked to women who hadn’t been radicalized but could understand why some of these girls might have gone to Syria and Iraq so they could live as ‘good Muslims’,” said Emily Winterbotham, mentioned in Oneindia.

The women are groomed online of joining a state that was a land of milk and honey, long away from the death cult as we understand the Islamic state to be. These women were seduced with a dream of a perfect caliphate and were taken advantage of the total naivety. In the meantime, these women wait in limbo and their fates are linked to those who caused the catastrophe of the Caliphate in the first place.

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Winterbotham told The Independent, “ISIS has been successful at selling that image to women. It’s not just about the naive vulnerable jihadi bride, it’s women saying: ‘This is in line with my religion, my political beliefs, the fact I want to live how I want”.

The concept of “empowerment” is utterly different from what the young girls perceive at the distance from the Islamic groups.

“Women are saying ‘this is empowering for me’ but the irony is that’s not going to happen once they get there,” Winterbotham said.

She further adds, “After speaking to men and women who knew female ISIS supporters or worked in de-radicalisation programs, they found that some women saw the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) as a source of ’empowerment’ despite its subjugation of women, violent enforcement of its interpretation of Sharia law.”.

According to 2014 report, About 18 per cent all European ISIS members were female and the total number is now believed to be more than 550.

It’s an all out war on people in the west and all those who don’t ascribe to Islamic ideology. The female recruits and IS sympathizers grew up in the substandard West with several generations of feminists asserting women’s rights.

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