Journalism begins beyond glamour

By Divya Chaubey

In this competitive world today, the present generation is conscious about their career. It’s a time where they are flying with different colors. They are not just stuck with what their parents want them to do; actually it’s an era of awareness, where everybody has his own perceptions and wants to be different from others. Earlier, parents wanted their children to take up courses like B Tech and MBBS but now the times have changed and the children choose subjects according to their areas of interest. But now since various media are playing a great role in our lives, the perception of parents and their children has changed.

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As many young guns want to flourish in this path-breaking job domain of journalism, it is important that we understand the ground reality of the same.

Youths wants to be in this field as they find it fascinating where as their parents want to see their children on television. Actually as a whole, we can say it’s just glamour, name, and fame which is pulling people towards it. What we need to think about is how this bling-thing comes in the minds of the people.

Actually in my view today these news channels are somehow and somewhere projecting some encouraging connotations towards journalism. But if this is the perception of people about this job then I want to make it very clear that it is not like that. It is about passion.

Today media is very important and the work they are doing, at some level, is very good. But if someone wants to be a part of it just for the glimmer, she will definitely lose out and would end up last.

The work media is doing in today’s time really needs hard working and passionate people. People who can sacrifice their own personal time. We have great journalists who are eminent for their work such as Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, and others. If we talk about Barkha Dutt, she had done a great job at the time of Kargil war. She went there and she docu-featured it in great way. There are so many other journalists who did great work without even thinking about their life. Sometimes, they get stuck in some life-threatening situation. Still they continue their work. So it’s their passion what makes them to do that over and over again.

I think journalism is actually the real world where you do so much hard work to make people aware of what’s happening and sometimes for the sake of justice.  Jessica Lal muder case is one of the examples, when media came forward to uphold the law. So on the whole, it’s a real world far beyond fascination, where people run for truth and sacrifice their personal time. So for those who find it glamourous, I want to mention it’s a real word, where you carve a niche with strife.