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Journey of Jasprit Bumrah Towards Becoming a World-Class Pace Bowler From Scratch!

Bumrah appeared at under-19 selection trials

When Jasprit Bumrah started troubling young batsmen with pace generated by his quick arm action and short run-up at his school’s cricket academy, a few other pace-bowling trainees approached their coach, mocking and doubting his action.

“They said he was throwing the ball and doubted his action. I, too, was surprised with the amount of pace he was getting with such a short run-up. I realised he was getting speed from his shoulder, which was strong,” recalls Kishore Trivedi, who was running the Royal Cricket Academy (RCA) at Nirman High School.

Bumrah’s mother was initially a teacher at this school and had graduated to become the vice-principal.

“His action was unusual but I said ‘this is not throwing’. I told them ‘you feel that way because his front arm is like that [extending]’,” Trivedi recollects.

Trivedi, whose son Siddharth was by then a seasoned Ranji Trophy player, had another issue to contend with.

“His mother called me. She said if he doesn’t study, what will he do? She had one kid, was a single parent, so I could understand her worries. I said, ‘your kid has talent. If he can come to my camp regularly, I will be able to do something for him’. He wasn’t focusing on studies, so his mother was getting worried, asking what will he do, if he doesn’t improve. So, I said if I work with him for two years then he will be able to get to play for the state,” he said.

Trivedi did not tamper with his action, though a fellow trainee says there was a slight modification done.

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“I told him to play seriously. I would send him with the RCA team to tournaments. He started to come into limelight thanks to his speed. I told him to go for selections. I told him to not change the action. ‘This is your natural action. Don’t change it. This is your weapon,’ I said,” added Trivedi, who recommended him everywhere.

Till then, Bumrah had not played any age-group cricket for state, including the under-16s. Part of the reason was because his mother wasn’t completely convinced. But Trivedi impressed upon her that her son could go far with his talent.

Bumrah’s fellow trainee Kewal Gandhi, however, wasn’t that lucky.

Gandhi, who runs a healthcare firm here at Changodar industrial area, which makes surgical goods like plaster, crepe bandage etc, had joined Trivedi’s academy with Bumrah right after the two had completed their 10th.

“Even in early days, he would bowl at 135 kmph. His action was doubtful. But sir backed him to the hilt and pushed him ahead. He became known for pace. His mother, who was the only earning member, was worried about his future. But sir sought some time to groom him,” said Gandhi, who trained with Bumrah for three years after which his father asked him to leave cricket and focus on studies. Gandhi was also a medium-pacer.

“He would get to meet all the top people, train at Motera thanks to (Kishore) sir’s backing and support,” adds Gandhi, who is not in touch with Bumrah for about five years i.e., since he made his India debut.

Bumrah appeared at under-19 selection trials where the youngster was met with opposition again.

Anil Patel, the current joint secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA), was secretary of the Ahmedabad district body – the Central Board of Cricket Ahmedabad — and had seen him bowling in city’s M.G. Science College and asked him to come for trials.

“I was told by a friend of his that he was not that serious about cricket. But I asked him to come anyway,” said Patel

There was opposition from a couple of selectors because of his action, says Patel, referring to the five-man panel.

“A couple of them were doubting his action. So I told district selection panel chairman Harshad Shah that if you don’t want to include him in the main squad of 15, then keep him in the reserves. He will be with the team,” recalls Patel.

After the district won the first three matches, Patel pressed on trying the reserves.

“It would have been unfair and out of way to play Bumrah alone from the reserves since he wasn’t in the original squad. So I asked them, why not play all the reserves since we have already done well in three games and qualified,” he said.

“So all three reserve players played in that fourth three-day game. Bumrah got seven wickets in the match and there was no looking back.”

When Jasprit Bumrah started troubling young batsmen with pace generated by his quick arm action and short run-up at his school’s cricket academy, a few other pace-bowling trainees approached their coach, mocking and doubting his action. Pexels

In early 2013, Hitesh Majmudar, a former Gujarat player and later coach, first saw him in the T20 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy from where he was picked by Mumbai Indians and played in the 2013 IPL.

“He played the Ranji Trophy next season. He has taken lots of five-wicket hauls (six in 29 first-class games outside Test cricket). He would bowl only in-swingers as he would come wide off the crease. As he progressed, he began bowling away going ones, using the crease. Parthiv Patel helped him a lot. The lower-order batsmen were scared of him,” recalls Majmudar.

Majmudar and members of the Gujarat team management were witnesses to questions raised on his action again during the 2015-16 Vijay Hazare one-day tournament, just over a month before his India debut. By that time he was already known in IPL.

Bumrah had bowled Dhoni for 44 in Gujarat’s first match against Jharkhand. He picked three wickets in first two matches.

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“The umpire there had called him for throwing after the first two matches. They said we have recorded it after the first two matches. But we protested, told him that this is a case of hyper-extension and not flexion. Told him it is a case similar to Shoaib Akhtar’s. And he had played three seasons of IPL, no one raised an issue,” recalls Majmudar.

The issue was brushed aside. A month later he was on a flight to Australia, and on his way to becoming India’s pace spearhead. (IANS/KR)



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