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Kaal Bhairav Temple in Varanasi to Offer Coronavirus Cure

According to updates, Corona cure can now be found at Kaal Bhairav temple in Kashi

The famous Kaal Bhairav temple in Varanasi will now offer a cure for coronavirus as per Coronavirus Updates.

The Kaal Bhairav temple, also known as the Kotwal of Kashi or the guard of Varanasi, is believed to cure all problems of devotees.

It is believed that Lord Kaal Bhairav was appointed by Lord Shiva himself in Kashi.

Every person has to get the permission of Kaal Bhairav to live in Kashi. It is said that Lord Shiva’s philosophy remains incomplete without Kaal Bhairav.

When the doors of the Kaal Bhairav temple reopen on Monday, packets of ‘Corona Nashak oil’ will be available for devotees.

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It is believed that if a devotee takes mustard oil, waves it over his head seven times and then offers the oil at the thatched roof of the temple, all his or her ailments get cured.

“For centuries, people have been cured of all diseases and problems by Kaal Bhairav and there is no reason why Corona will also not be cured. The Corona Nashak oil is actually mustard oil that will be offered at the temple with a prayer to banish the deadly virus,” said the temple priest Mahant Sumit Upadhyay.

He said that the belief in Kashi Kotwal was so great that every leader or bureaucrat who comes to Kashi, visits the temple before doing any work.

The Vishwesharganj police station in Varanasi has Lord Kaal Bhairav presiding on the chair of Station In-charge.

Kaal Bhairav
“The Corona Nashak oil is actually mustard oil that will be offered at the temple with a prayer to banish the deadly virus,” said the temple priest Mahant Sumit Upadhyay. Pixabay

The tradition is so deep-rooted that no SHO of the police station, dares to sit on the chair designated for the top official, which by default caters to an image of Lord Kaal Bhairav.

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This police station is just behind the famous Kaal Bhairav temple of Varanasi. It is a tradition for all senior officials coming to Varanasi to bow at his adobe before joining the official position in the city.

The Mahant said that the temple had been sanitized and is ready to open it doors for devotees from Monday.

He said that the safety protocols of sanitization and social distancing would be observed as directed by the district administration. (IANS)



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