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Kailash Kher And His 2 Famous Songs on Politics

From telling people about a revolutionary change by singing "Ambar tak ye hi naad gunjega" to later highlighting the plight of people through "Bol Re Dilli Bol"~ here's how Kailash Kher songs have spoken out everything!

(Know the story behind 2 popular political songs sung by Kailash Kher)

The might of a mass public movement is very forceful: it can bring a revolutionary change and ignite a fire of swerve in the hearts of the people. Mass movements are not easy to create. The wave of a mass movement emerges when people wish to rise above deceptive scenarios such as misrule and corruption in Politics!

One such movement was JP Aandolan led by Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan in 1970s that called attention of all the people against the misconduct and corruption by the state and the Indira Gandhi government at the center.

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In 2010, almost 36 years after this massive movement, another popular anti-corruption movement started which came to be  known as India Against Corruption Movement (IAC) or the Anna Aandolan.

Kailash Kher
“Ambar tak ye hi naad goonjega” and “Bol re Dilli bol” are the songs that Kailash Kher has sung on Anna Aandolan and AAP.

IAC was a pan-India Movement in which many people were mobilized, extended their whole-hearted support to bring up a revolutionary change in the system because every social group was suffering and got discontented with corruption by the then ruling Manmohan Singh regime (Congress government) in the form of scandals like 2G scam, Coalgate scam and so many other issues.

Emerging as a civil society movement, the might of IAC was so intense that even celebrities started extending their support and joined the cause. Among those celebrities, popular singer Kailash Kher extended his support on the forefront.

Ambar Tak Yahi Naad Goonjega- A Tribute By Kailash To Anna Aandolan

In 2011, Kailash Kher composed a song called “Ambar tak ye hi naad goonjega” and dedicated it for Anna Andolan on his own without charging a professional fee.

This song reverberated the vow of the general public to fight against the prevailing condition and to establish a new accountable system.

You can listen to the song here:


The story doesn’t take a pause here. After this triumphant movement, much water had already flown under the bridge of river Yamuna!

The IAC was ended, infact “collapsed”. Dirty politics took over the strong cause of the movement and a new political party called the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was established which gave fictitious promises to the general public of taking forward the idea of absolute revolution in Indian Politics and rebuilding the system based on true-blue principles!

Kailash Kher Songs
Kailash Kher has sung many songs pertaining to different moods and genres and so he never fails to bring about the true fervour they hold with them.

Irony is, the party gave it the name “Aam Aadmi Party” based on its view of being accountable to the “Common Man”and infact being the representative of the common man! but unfortunately, it failed in all its endeavours and got deviated from its own principles. The condition of Delhi kept on worsening with lack of civic amenities, accountability and transparency.

Bol Re Dilli Bol – Sentiments Re-visited By Kailash Kher

In 2019, Kailash Kher again came down  and sang another powerful song which was again based upon the subsequent political developments and highlighted the plight of the citizens of Delhi, urging the common public to speak up against the injustice being done to them through AAP’s false promises and dirty politics. Bol Re Dilli Bol song is part of the 7 episodes  web series titled “Transparency: Pardarshita” directed by an ex-AAP member Dr. Munish Raizada.

You can Listen to the Song here:

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Kailash Kher has a herculean voice that has the power to highlight and influence the sentiments or emotions of a common individual. He has sung many songs pertaining to different moods and genres and so he never fails to bring about the true fervour they hold with them.

Written By: Kashish Rai (Twitter: @KaafyyFilmyy)



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