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Although Kamakshi's name has been recorded in the "India Book of Records" and "Asia Book of Records" earlier. Being a cybercrime expert, she is also undergoing training with police personnel.

Ghaziabad's daughter has geared up to prevent cybercrime. If someone now does things like online fraud or harassing girls, then be careful because Kamakshi Sharma can find you and send you behind the bars.

Kamakshi Sharma, 25, a resident of Ghaziabad, has registered her name in the "World Book of Records" for making people aware of cybercrime prevention and training 50,000 police personnel.

During her college days, she converted the hobby of hacking friends' IDs into her profession and now she is training people in cybercrime. At the same time, after registering her name in the "World Book of Records", the daughter of Ghaziabad has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Actually, during the Corona epidemic, most people are working from their homes. In such a situation, cyberbullying increased very fast. Pictures of girls being misused and lakhs of rupees are being defrauded from people's accounts.

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Kamakshi completed a 35-day mission from Jammu to Kanyakumari in 2019 in which police personnel was tested on how to deal with cybercrime. IPS officers also participated in this test.

Kamakshi believes that when hackers can cheat by hacking, why can't the police catch them? Keeping this in mind, I converted my hacking into an investigation and started working with police officers.

policeman Cyberbullying has increased very fast. Pixabay

Kamakshi told IANS that, "While doing B. Tech in 2017, she became fond of hacking, her friends used to give her contract to hack their own friends' IDs. Everyone in college started recognizing her that she does hacking, while slowly she started strengthening her hacking skills.

"In 2017 itself, I was contacted by some police officers, the police department started taking help from me in tracing the phone, locating the IP address, from there the contacts gradually developed. Looking at the help of all the officers and my work, I completed the world's first cyber mission in 2019.

"Given training to police personnel from Jammu to Kanyakumari in this mission. It was a 35-day mission, in which about 50,000 police personnel were trained on crime investigation by going to more than 30 cities."

The mission began in September 2019, while traveling from Jammu to Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra, and it culminated at Kanyakumari on October 13.

She told IANS that, "Apart from this, I work with various investigative agencies, while I am also associated with the army and as a freelancer. They use to contact me whenever such cases come to them."

Although Kamakshi's name has been recorded in the "India Book of Records" and "Asia Book of Records" earlier. Being a cybercrime expert, she is also undergoing training with police personnel.

Kamakshi's dream in the future is to create a platform where police not only from across the country but also from abroad are connected and everything is available on that platform to prevent cybercrime, apart from keeping a track record of everyone's crime.

According to her, if the government cooperates with her, she would like to work on it, while she believes that by doing so, we will be able to reduce online fraud and deception with girls. At the same time, you can stay one step ahead of online thieves.

policeman Kamakshi wanted to save girls of her age from cybercrime.Pixabay

Delhi Police ACP Rajpal Dabas, who assisted Kamakshi in this mission, told IANS that, "We had come in contact with Vinod Pandey, who has been a sub-inspector in Ghaziabad and looks after the cyber cell."

"Last year I was a sub-inspector at that time we talked to her family and then we realized that the girl is strong. We made a route for her mission, made a plan, and started this mission from Jammu. Apart from training policemen in this mission, school children were also imparted with the knowledge of cybercrime.

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Pandey, posted as Inspector in Cyber Cell Department of Noida Police, told IANS that, "In 2017, I was posted in a police station in Ghaziabad district, I met Kamakshi during that time, she told me her vision. Kamakshi wanted to save girls of her age from cybercrime."

"We initially started this campaign for school students, which influenced a lot of girls. After this, Kamakshi expressed her desire to take an active role in cybercrime. Then we trained her by associating her with our team."

"Having the skill and passion, Kamakshi started helping the police department by completing the training soon. Not only this, she began tracing IP addresses immediately that earlier took months to be traced."

He hoped that, like Kamakshi, if other girls who want to work for the prevention of cybercrime, go ahead and illuminate the country. Pandey believes that children like her will be needed in the future, with the help of them, the police department will solve the cases immediately and will take their help in stopping the crime. (IANS/KB)


Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

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