Kamalrukh Wife Of Late Wajid Khan Appeals For Anti-Conversion Bill To Be Applied In Nation

Kamalrukh wrote the title of the note as "My First-Hand Account of Life in an Inter-Caste Marriage"

Wajid Khan
Kamalrukh Khan wife of Late. Wajid Khan. DNA India

By Shweta Porwal

Music Composer, Wajid Khan passed away on June 1, 2020. Almost 6 months after his demise her Wife Kamalrukh has been harassed by her In-laws for conversion.

Speaking on the debate surrounding the Anti- conversion bill, the wife of Late Wajid Khan on Friday came up on social media and posted a lengthy note on the Anti-conversion Bill where she shared her bitter experience of Inter-Caste Marriage.

She penned her thoughts by saying how she has been harassed by her Husband’s Family members to convert her religion.

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Kamalrukh wrote the title of the note as “My First-Hand Account of Life in an Inter-Caste Marriage”.

Kamalrukh started the note by saying:

“I am Parsi and he was Muslim. We were what you would call “college sweethearts”. Eventually, when we did get married, we married for love under the Special Marriages Act (an act that upholds the right to practice one’s own religion post-marriage).”

Kamalrukh went on sharing her words by saying:

 “I want to share my ordeal and my experience in an inter-caste marriage – that in this day and age, a woman can face such prejudice, suffering, and discrimination in the name of religion is a complete shame…and an eye-opener.”

Talking about the Marriage and relationship with Wajid, Kamalrukh further penned down the statement as:

Wajid khan
Late Wajid Khan and his family. Pinterest
“Independence of thought was encouraged and healthy debates were the norm. Education on all levels was encouraged. However, post marriage, this same independence, education, and democratic value system was the biggest problem for my husband’s family. An educated, thinking, independent woman with an opinion was just not acceptable. And resisting the pressures of conversion was sacrilege.”

Sharing her bitter experience she felt devasted and betrayed on which she said:

“My dignity and self-respect did not permit me to bend backward for him and his family, by converting to Islam. The conversion was not a value system I believed in personally”.

Kamalrukh took a decision to stand still and fight back for the rights and inheritance of herself and her children which has been usurped by her In-Laws, due to the hatred against her and the decision of not converting to Islam.

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At the end, of her note, she applied for Anti-Conversion Bill to be nationalized just to reduce the struggle for women like her who are fighting the toxicity of religion in inter-caste marriages.

And also stated that: Religion should be a cause for the celebration of differences not separation of families. This debate regarding the anti-conversion bill should also delve deeper into the patriarchal mindset. The conversion campaign has to be recognized for what it is – spreading hatred against different religious ideologies, separating wives from husbands and children from their fathers. All religions are the path to the divine.

“Live and let live should be the only religion we all practice.”