Karima Baloch, The Pakistani Human Rights Activist Found Dead

Karima Baloch Human Rights Activist was found dead in Toronto, Canada

Karima Baloch
Lt. Karima Baloch was a Human Rights Activist. Twitter


Karima Baloch Human rights activist was found dead in Toronto, Canada. The reason for her death is unknown. Karima Baloch was 37 years old and was the first women chairperson of the Baloch Student Organization. She was a vocal critic of the Pakistan government and has actively worked to highlight all the mishappening done to the people of Balochistan.

Karima Baloch was found missing on 20 December. She was last seen on December 20, in the BayST+ Queens Quay W area wearing black jeans, winter jacket followed by Black boots. The Toronto Police found her dead body drowned off an Island near Toronto’s Lakeshore.

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Who was Karima Baloch? 

Karima Baloch

Karima was born in Balochistan’s trump area and was currently living in Canada. Baloch came to Canada in the year 2015, to apply for political asylum with a fear that she was not safe in Balochistan due to her political views. She started living in Canada with a refugee status because she had been targeted for her activism in Pakistan. Karima in Islamabad was addressed as a dangerous political actor and was a threat to the Nation’s security, deep inside on the other hand for the people of Balochistan she was a local hero and ray of hope.


Karima Baloch was an active campaigner for Baloch rights and a supporter of the Free Balochistan Movement. In 2016, she was included in the ‘BBC 100 Women 2016’ list for her works and for being a constant fearless woman worker for her Nation who has stood still to inform people of the Human Rights violations.

As a Human rights activist, Baloch used her social media platforms to convey her messages and inform the abductions, torture, and other human rights violations that people of Balochistan were being subjected to by the Pakistan Government. As a part of her work, she used to regularly deliver speeches at different conferences, was familiar with media, attended protest rallies, and enjoyed a good following on social media platforms.

A tweet from Lt. Karima Baloch’s Friend and colleague named Lateef Johar Baloch.

Back in 2016, when asked about the reason for her joining politics she said-

When I was growing up, I never thought of becoming a politician. I was more interested in arts and psychology. It is obvious that when you are living in a society whose sufferings you see all around you on a daily basis, then you begin to question why is this happening to me and my people?” She said it was the political situation in Balochistan that pushed her into politics.

Losing Karima Baloch is a great loss to the Baloch Nation and the National Movement. Balochistan has lost a visionary leader and a National Symbol. Compensation for this great loss is impossible for centuries.

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After the sudden news of the death of its leader and former chairperson of BSO Azad and National leader Karima Baloch, the Baloch National Movement has declared 40 days of mourning.

Karima Baloch was a courageous woman and a visionary leader.