Kashmiri Pandits to Launch Second Phase of Public Awareness Campaign for ‘Temple and Shrines Bill’

The organization called PNBMT consists of various Kashmiri Pandits' religious, social and trade corporations which has been working on the passage of Temples and Shrines Protection Bill

Kashmiri Hindu Pandits
Kashmiri Pandits are not returning to their jobs. Wikimedia
  • The organization of Kashmir Pundits is set to launch the second phase of the campaign on the ‘Temple and Shrines Bill’
  • ‘Prem Nath Bhat Memorial Trust’ targets on fighting and raising public awareness against the misuse of properties and temple lands
  • R L Bhat, a spokesperson for the PNBM Trust made clear statements about the demands of the community and their requirements of the Bill

September 28, 2016: The organization that represents the pundits of Kashmir is all set to launch the second edition of their social awareness campaign to exert on the passage of the ‘Temple and Shrines Bill’, drawn by the state assembly.

The nodal agency called ‘Prem Nath Bhat Memorial Trust’ is an organization consisting of multiple Kashmiri pundits’ religious, social and trade corporations. They have been constantly and actively working on the passage of the Temple and Shrines Bill and trying to set up a temple board, reported PTI.

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The struggle concerning this bill began as the community came to know about the managements and established trusts that were selling off properties and holy land for temples in Kashmir, after the storming assault of the militancy in the 1990s.


According to the PTI reports, an amalgamation of Kashmiri pandit organizations, under the banner of Prem Nath Bhat Memorial Trust, have organized a protest demonstration demanding the passage of the Bill, back in 2013. The protesting Pandits assembled outside the Press Club in Jammu, raised placards and shouted slogans to support their demands and urged the state government for fulfilling its promise of passing the Bill.

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The campaign got initiated then and after a long struggle, R L Bhat, a spokesperson for the PNBM Trust, stated recently that the sequence of the public awareness campaign passage of the Temple and Shrine Bill will be launched soon.

He added further that the campaign aims at dispelling the spreading of disinformation regarding the fight for the Shrine Bill. The fight is the struggle against the settled interests that have been misappropriating the holy lands in conspiracy with the land mafias, mentioned the reports.

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Bhat claims that the misuse of the properties and the holy lands is the prime cause for the community not wanting any illegal and unauthorized people to meddle in the name of temples preservation. They want a transparent management and an all-encompassing legislation to bring out the Shrine Bill.

The trust held a meeting and the speakers called upon the ruling organizations to immediately act upon their long-standing promise of fulfilling the demand of the Kashmiri pandits’ community and release the Shrine Bill at the earliest.

– prepared by Antara Kumar of NewsGram. Twitter: @ElaanaC