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‘Kedarkantha’ The Most Opted Destination For Adventure Seekers In Uttarakhand

The district Uttarkashi is known for its unique delicacies in travel communities

The winters are here and if you ever dream to walk in the wilderness amid white snow then the Kedarkantha trek is one waiting for you. Located in the Uttarkashi district at a towering altitude of 12,500 feet, the trek of Kedarkantha is a delight for all travel and adventure enthusiasts.

Picturesque mountains, ringed glaciers, and visibility of Garhwal ranges of the Himalayas can mesmerize one, while simultaneously the tale of Lord Shiva meditating here can transcend you into a metaphysical world of possibilities and spirituality.

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Speaking about welcoming the tourists in the winter season, Dilip Jawalkar, Secretary, Uttarakhand Tourism and CEO, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board said: “Kedarkantha is the most opted destination for adventure seekers in Uttarakhand. As winter is approaching, we welcome all the visitors and newbie to trek around Kedarkantha peak.”

How to Reach Kedarkantha

The base camp for the trek is in Sankri village. One has to travel for nearly 220 km from Dehradun to reach Sankri. The roads are fine and local buses/taxis are also available options from Dehradun. The trek starts from there probably in the next morning. The first stoppage is ‘Juda ka Talab’ at an altitude of 9,100 feet. It takes approximately 5 hours of trekking to reach here. One can halt for the day and then on the next morning starts to climb towards the summit of Kedarkantha.

Kedarkantha is the most opted destination for adventure. Pixabay

Staying at Kedarkantha

One can easily stay at homestays/hotels or guest houses present in Sankri before commencing the trek. While trekking the camping is available on different base camps. Tents and sleeping bags can be rented from Sankri village onwards.

Culinary Experience-

The district Uttarkashi is known for its unique delicacies in travel communities. Here in Sankri village, one can find many local authentic options. Like ‘Koda ki Roti’, ‘Palak ka Saag’ and others. The place has an amazing ambiance with the backdrop of gigantic Garhwal Himalayan peaks.

A homestay owner in Sankri, Col. Ajay said:” As only Kedarkantha trek is open during winters; a lot of queries are from trekkers wishing to climb up the hill. Most of the tourists are from Delhi, Gujarat, and Mumbai. They urge us to serve them with authentic food hence we take them to nearby villages to taste some of the tastiest food available.”

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Adding more information related to trek and safety amid Covid-19, District Tourism Development Officer (DTDO) Uttarkashi Prakash Singh Khatri said: “November and December are the best seasons to visit Kedarkantha. After travel curbs were lifted by the government we have witnessed a good footfall of tourists.

We expect more inquiries this month and December. We are also taking care of all the given guidelines and asking locals to take necessary precautions while trekking or serving food. (IANS)



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