Keeping Your Bathroom Running When Guests Are Over

Having a toilet that doesn't work is frustrating. But having a toilet that doesn't work when guests come over is a nuisance and embarrassing

Lia breaks down like toilet paper and can be flushed in a standard-flow sewer or septic systems.
It is important to keep one's bathroom well-maintained. Wikimedia Commons
  • It is important to keep one’s bathroom well-maintained
  • There are several things which can do to maintain it
  • There are also several things one must not do in order to keep a bathroom well-maintained

Having a toilet that doesn’t work is frustrating. But having a toilet that doesn’t work when guests come over is a nuisance and embarrassing. Don’t worry: Keeping your toilet running when you have company doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover the following four tips to keep your toilet running smoothly when you have guests at your home.

Don’t flush any papers or fabrics down the drain.

Don’t Flush Paper Towels or Feminine Products

The best way to increase the longevity of your toilet is to avoid flushing anything that’s not toilet paper. You may know these important points, but it doesn’t hurt to give your guests a friendly reminder.

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If you have paper towels in the bathroom, instruct your guests not to throw the paper towels in the toilet. Paper towels are made from materials that don’t dissolve easily and are more likely to clog your toilet. Instruct your female guests not to dispose their tampons in the toilet. Tampons can cause clogs deep in the pipes.

Keep a Plunger Available

Looking at a plunger in the bathroom may be tacky, but having one visible for your guests will help in the long run. The good news is that the days of the long wooden handled heavy-duty red rubber toilet plunger that used to sit on the floor are gone. Buy a plastic handle force cup plunger with a drip tray. This type is more decorative, and guests can easily access it in case of an emergency.

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It is important to keep one’s bathroom clean. Pixabay

Learn How to Fix Common Problems

Some of the most common issues with toilets are water trickling into the bowl and tank, the bowl emptying slowly, clogs developing, and leaking seals. Some of these problems are ones you can fix yourself. For example, if you have water trickling into the toilet, the culprit is most likely a bad flapper valve. Simply check the flapper seal and clean it. If it’s worn, replace it. If it’s a clog, and after you’ve tried plunging several times, then you’ll need to call a professional plumber. A professional can help you with any plumbing repair or installation needs.

You can find many do-it-yourself online resources to help you, but address problems immediately. Don’t wait because little problems can become bigger problems that require you to replace your sewer system.

Avoid Flushing Food

The family has gathered together to enjoy a meal, but you don’t want anyone flushing food down the toilet. Soups, marinades, or the extra broth in the bottom of a chicken pan all should never be placed in the toilet.

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A clean bathroom means good standard of living in many parts of the world. Pixabay

Naturally, the kitchen drain and the toilet drain connect to the same sewer line. However, the kitchen drain also has a disposal unit and a strainer that the food passes through first. The toilet doesn’t have those capabilities.

Care for your sewer system the way you do the rest of your home. Toilets are designed to remove human waste and nothing else. When you have visiting guests, set some toilet rules. Your sewer system will appreciate it.