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Professor Abraham Joshil admitted to AIIMS while on a hunger strike, Edex

Delhi, April 28, 2017: In a recent press conference at Press Trust of India, assistant professor of G.B. Pant Engineering College (GBPEC) Joshil K. Abraham along with Swaraj India leader and senior advocate Prashant Bhushan allege that Delhi Government led by Arvind Kejriwal is covering up a massive corruption.

In 2007, 20 acres of land was promised by Shiela Dixit led Delhi Government to an autonomous body, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D) and said that it will provide world-class infrastructure to the students. After an investigation, when the scam was exposed in October 2016, Arvind Kejriwal-led government decided to turn a blind eye on the issue.

It seems that Aam Admi Party (AAP), which is supposed to be the backbone of clean politics has mend its way from it. Recently, the Kejriwal-led AAP was also accused of the corruption for not making their donation list public. To raise awareness about the ongoing corruption in the party, No List No Donation campaign (Chanda Bandh Satyagraha) was launched by ex co-convenor AAP Dr Munish Kumar Raizada.

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G B Pant Govt. Engineering college was established by Delhi Government in 2007 in the abandoned hostel block of G B Pant polytechnic with the promise that the new campus of the college will be built on the vacant land available with G B Pant Polytechnic for the emerging young population of Delhi.

Now 10 years have passed, G B Pant college is still running in the same abandoned hostel block of G B Pant Polytechnic. The government claimed previously that the seats in the college will be increased from 3000 to 7000. Whereas, there are only 860 students in the college and the fact also remains adamant that the currently abandoned hostel building or the entire land available on G B Pant Polytechnic campus cannot cater to the needs of 7000 students. Hence, the plan seemed too far fetched unless G B Pant Engineering College is given 150 acres of land (DTU has over 163 acres of land and hosts around 1843 students).

“We are a group of bright engineering students from G.B. Pant Government Engineering College. We are underprivileged citizens of this country, having high aspirations and potentials and we had been denied our right for a campus for the past 10 years”, said third-year student Rajeev.

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Mr Joshil K Abraham never believed in hunger strikes for seeking justice. Never had he imagined in his entire life that he would start a protest for any purpose. However, he ended up taking a stand for the right of his students. Abraham now believes “if a hunger strike can yield a better world for those who are involved in this, then its worth it”.

ALSO WATCH: Prof Anand Kumar addressing the students of GB Pant Engg College who are demanding for their campus.
Campus for GBPEC.

Prof Anand Kumar addressing the students of GB Pant Engg College who are demanding for their campus.Campus for GBPEC

Yogendra Yadav 发布于 2017年4月8日

GB Pant Engineering College which was established in 2007 under the ministry of Sheila Dixit was promised to allot a land of 60 acres but could not procure any promised benefit owing to the corruption.

Being wearied of trying every just means for the justice, he decided to take a stand against the corruption by taking an initiative. Abraham is on indefinite hunger strike since April 5 and he is nowhere close to giving up.

When questioned if he was a communist, as many Keralites are, Abraham said that what he believed most of all is in humanity and an egalitarian society.

“I grew up a believer, so much so that I was even the altar boy at my church. But when I was in the 11th standard I left the church and immediately people started asking me if I had become a communist. Despite my mother being very religious she did not question me, she said I was the same person and I had not changed in any way and that is all that mattered to her and she knew that I would not do anything if I was not completely convinced by it, so she let me be,” he explained to Edex.

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Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday visited Professor Abraham of G B Pant Engineering College at AIIMS, who is on hunger strike against corruption and lack of infrastructure for students.

Professor Abraham demands 20 acres of land which will include one hostel building, one sports block, one academic block, faculty residence.

“Gandhi understood the problem and gave unconditional support of Indian National Congress to the issue. He also said that he will take up the issue with the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal,” the students said in a statement.

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“We lack basic academic facilities, hotels, auditoriums, labs, playground and sports facilities which are the basic needs for any educational institution. We are functioning in an abandoned hostel infrastructure since 2007, and the construction of the campus have not started since then”, said the final year student Shashank Mishra.

Till now they have given a memorandum to Principal, Mr Manish Sisodia and Mr Arvind Kejriwal. They have also filed an RTI’s and got the reply from them nevertheless unsatisfactory.

In a video by GB Pant Engineering College students, Sisodia was seen delivering the budget speech where he said that the capacity of the college is to be increased from 3,000 to 7,000 seats. Prof Abraham says this is a joke because there were only 860 students in the college and no commensurate infrastructure.

Abraham who sat on an indefinite fast to protest the corruption involved in land allotment, says that he was forcibly taken by the police to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on the tenth day but on his return, he continued the fast.

– reported by Pawan Sharma, edited by Deepannita Das of NewsGram.


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