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Kerala solar scam gets ‘compromising’ twist

New Delhi: The key suspect in Kerala’s solar panel scam on Wednesday accused six prominent politicians of the state including the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy of being caught on camera with a woman in compromising position.

A leading daily stated that Biju Radhakrishnan told the Commission in Kochi on Wednesday about Rs 5.10 crores were palmed off to CM Chandy, in three separate payments. He further mentioned that the balance of the bribe was remunerated to Chandy via his previous personal staff affiliates Joeppan and Jikkumon Jacob.

One of the suspects Saritha Nair refused Radhakrishnan’s accusations and challenged him to show those video clips as claimed by him.

Biju Radhakrishnan also alleged the Chief Minister and S Nair for striking a deal to share profits floated by him with them to the Commission. The distribution of profit was biased on 60:40 ratio. He further exposed the agreement was also to make Chief Minister’s son Chandy Oommen a partner in the firm.

He disclosed that Chandy had guaranteed to provide 70 acres of land in Palakkad for solar firm belonging to KINFRA. He also added that 150-acre stretch of land for setting up windmills in Palakkad, Chandy promised.

Stating to Justice G Sivarajan Commission, who is investigating the scam, Radhakrishnan told that the videos Saritha Nair had allegedly shot (of which the involved politicians had no clue), in his possession.

“I don’t know whether it was taken for blackmailing or for self-defence,” said Krishnan, adding that he got the excerpts from the video two weeks before her arrest.

There was no instant response from the office of the CM or the other alleged leaders.

Radhakrishnan claimed he personally gave a bribe of Rs 5.5 crores to Chandy for setting up two big solar projects in the state.

The solar scam mounted into a major political racket after the detention of the personal assistant of Chandy’s office for helping the suspect. The state opposition Left Democratic Front (LDF) has been organizing a high-voltage movement, asking for Chandy’s resignation over the issue.



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