Kissa Kursee Ka: When Sanjay Gandhi ‘killed’ the good fun

By Swati Misra

The Indian film industry has always been a soft target for political propaganda. A very distinct instance of this can be the films which were released during the era of Emergency. Emergency propelled movies to be counter-acting to the political strategies of the time.

Due to media censorship, free disposal of content was affected and movies containing any slight reference to politics were completely banned.

One such movie which was prevented from being screened was Amrit Nahata’s ‘Kissa Kursee Ka(KKK)’.

Based on a political satire on Indira Gandhi’s style of governance, the film tried to emphasize on the negative impact of the Indira-Gandhi led government and its forced implementations of the sterilisation program. The film faced severe consequences as the master print for the film was lifted by the supporters of Sanjay Gandhi and was burnt. Here is the link to the film which was not watched by many during that era.