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Know About the Benefits of Pomegranates

Here are the perks of a pomegranate!


Filled with juicy arils enclosed in a thick peel, a pomegranate comes with its own crown, and we believe there is a reason for it to have one!

Pomegranates are known as the fruit of paradise for its enriching quality coupled with a gentle hint of sweetness. It is surely a delight in itself, but the fruit has its own perks and benefits. Are you aware of them?

For starters, pomegranates can help you fight both health and skin problems! They are highly recommended to improve immunity, blood pressure, and their rich nutrients can also prevent skin-related issues. Fresh and high-quality pomegranates are also delicious and sweet to taste, which gives it an edge over other fruit. So make some space for some tasty pomegranate in your diet.

“India is the largest producer of pomegranates in the world, and it has always been a popular fruit here as it also comes with huge health benefits, apart from its taste and appearance. The demand for pomegranates in the world is increasing rapidly for fresh consumption as well as processed output like arils, juice and wines,” says Purnima Khandelwal, Chief Executive Office, INI Farms Pvt. Ltd.

Get yourself pomegranates that can be traced back to their farms! Pixabay

Khandelwal highlights few benefits this little red delight can offer:

Pulls impurities out, pushes antioxidants in

Pomegranates are widely known and consumed for their antioxidant elements. They can help get rid of excess toxins present in the body without inducing any further chemicals. As these elements help in purifying the body, it can also bring down blood pressure and stabilize it. Pomegranates are a good source to maintain a neutral balance, and also acts as a natural remedy for those dealing with high blood pressure.

Slows down aging (yay!), boosts up immunity

Pomegranate acts as an anti-ageing fruit as it consists of components that activate certain cells in your body which have an adverse effect on ageing. Consuming a bowl of arils or one glass of juice daily will surely get you positive results. With a blend of nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, pomegranate boost immunity which helps in preventing health issues such as prostate cancer, cholesterol, and arthritis.

Pomegranates can help get rid of excess toxins present in the body without inducing any further chemicals. Pixabay

Sharpens memory, reduces the risk of heart diseases

Find it difficult to keep track of things? Pomegranate can help you in this. A fruit with so many healthy components can provide a positive impact on the mind as well. A glass of pomegranate juice is recommended for children as it helps them to jog their memory. Its natural elements improve the blood flow which further tackles heart problems.

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We’ve got all our necessary nutrients right here, packed in a pomegranate! As they grow all year long, they’re easily available in the market, but ensure that you buy them from the right brand. So get yourself pomegranates that can be traced back to their farms! (IANS)



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