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All You Need to Know About Jewellery Rash During Summers

Say goodbye to summer jewellery rashes

From causing mild irritation to severe redness and rashes, wearing jewellry during hot summer months, often spells disaster for your skin. This is a lifestyle article

“Soaps, lotion and dead skin stuck in the crevasses of your jewellery when combined with summer sweat creates an environment wherein bacteria grows which could potentially irritate your skin,” Abhishek Rastogi, Head of Design, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited told IANSlife.

As per Leshna Shah, founder and chief creative director of Irasva, a fine jewellery destination, says allergies affect nearly 10 percent of the population. But, having a jewellery rash or an allergy does not mean you need to stop wearing your favorite rings, earrings or other baubles.

Keeping the area dry is key. Bracelets and rings can cause a rash soon after washing your hand, if you fail to completely dry them. Keeping your hands and jewellery dry isn’t a foolproof plan, but it can helps prevent rashes.

Another trick is to have your jewellery plated. If a good piece of jewellery which you wear daily, such as your wedding ring, causes a reaction, ask a jeweler to have it plated in a metal which is less allergy prone like as platinum. Keep your jewellery clean and tarnish free. Also, wearing jewellery for shorter lengths of time helps.

Jewellery rash
Having a jewellery rash or an allergy does not mean you need to stop wearing your favorite rings, earrings or other baubles. IANS

According to Ketan Chokshi, Co-owner of Narayan Jewellers, if your jewellery is made of gem stones and precious diamonds, it is advisable to take it to your jeweller for cleaning in order to prevent damage to the stones.

Avoid moisture and soap. Switch to a mild soap with minimal chemicals as the chances of developing bacteria on your jewellery is less in this case. Always keep a hypoallergenic cream with and apply it often. However, if your skin is sensitive, a cream-based moisturiser helps in preventing skin rashes.

“One should definitely avoid all kinds of artificial jewellery as it may contain high levels of reactive metals like nickel, copper and zinc which can not only give one allergic rashes especially during the summers, but are also toxic for the body.”

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“Gold and Platinum are inert, and silver is relatively inert so this trio should be your best bet for jewellery. However when buying gold one has to be very cautious of buying Nickel-Safe-Gold only, as nickel is one of the most common causes of itchy allergic rash that develops particularly on ears, neck, wrists and fingers. So always buy gold jewellery from reputed and trusted brands only,” Rastogi suggested. (IANS)



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