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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Sugar Addiction

Sugar and emotions: The mood- food cycle

Sugar addiction
There is evidence to prove that high levels of sugar addiction has a serious negative effect on the mental health as well. Lifetime Stock


Sugar in small quantities is not a health risk, but we are simply eating too much of it. Excess sugar in the diet is bad for our waistline as well as heart we all know. But there is evidence now to prove that high levels of sugar consumption (or sugar addiction) have a serious negative effect on the mental health as well.

WHO recommends only 5 percent of daily caloric requirement from sugar. It is as high as 13 -15 per cent in a typical diet with zero nutritional value. Mostly in the US, people are consuming five times more the amount of sugar is required.

Research has proven that with high intake of sugar the communication among brain cells is impaired leading to learning difficulties and impaired memory. It may contribute to depression and anxiety. Sudden binges and craving for sugar causes the blood sugar to spike then drop, often called “crash down” causes irritability, mood swings, and fatigue, underlines Preety Tyagi, Nutritionist and founder of MY22BMI.

Recent studies suggest that sugar and carb-rich foods can also mess with nerve signals and neurotransmitters, sugar stimulates the release of the mood-boosting neurotransmitter – Serotonin. Cravings for sugar lead to the over-activity of the serotonin pathways, which causes depletion of the limited supply of the feel-good neurotransmitter. It mimics symptoms of depression.

Sugar addiction
Sugar addiction is a vicious cycle. It is as addictive as cocaine. Lifetime Stock

Tyagi explains the cycle and how much is your sugar addiction costing us and suggests ways to overcome it.

Sugar addiction – The vicious cycle

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and it stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain as cocaine sometimes even more. The more sugar we eat, the more dopamine is released, and you experience that “high” and just like these drugs getting off sugar leads to symptoms of intense withdrawal, hunger and restlessness! With time the dopamine receptors in the brain become less sensitive to the presence of sugar, your brain needs more sugar to generate the same “high” and your addiction to sugar grows stronger.

Over-consumption of sugar creates a chaos in the brain; it creates a perpetual cycle of intense cravings.

When a person consumes sugar, it activates tongue taste receptors signals to the brain. It lights up the reward pathway releasing the feel-good hormone – Dopamine, blood sugar level increases. Mass insulin is secreted to drop the blood sugar levels. Insulin sores sugar as fat in the liver blood sugar levels drop rapidly. Body craves for sugar. It increases appetite and binge eating for more sugar. Hence, the cycle starts again.

How much is your sugar addiction costing you?

Some foods like fruits have natural sugar and it comes along with many vitamins and minerals, but there is far too much sugar hidden in most of the food that we consume in today’s lifestyle. Most foods are highly refined, processed and packed with preservatives readily available in the supermarkets and we are consuming sugar in a quantity which is 5 times more than the desired amount. This excess consumption of sugar is predominantly the cause of childhood obesity, developmental issues and behavioral problems in adults and kids.

What’s scarier the consumption or the addiction? The addiction sets in without notice, with the multi-million food chains making sure that this addiction stays strong. “Low fat” hides the fact of excess sugar in the item, adds to the empty calories, & we end up putting on extra kilos.

Overcoming the sugar addiction:

Sugar addiction exercise
Exercising can help you overcome sugar addictions. Lifetime Stock

Most people understand that excess sugar is bad but still something prevents them to overcome the addiction.

1. First, most people don’t realize how much sugar they are consuming every day.

2. They don’t take their sugar cravings seriously as addiction.

3. They try to stay away from sugar-laden snacks but find it too hard to do so. Though the addiction is strong and compelling it is possible to free your mind and body from this. It can be done in about 2 weeks if we start early:

Step # 1: Get rid of all the processed foods and sugar from the house

Step # 2: Eat breakfast that is healthy and wholesome

Step # 3: Drink more water

Step # 4: Prepare healthy snacks and keep them handy

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Step # 5: Be physically active, exercise more

Step # 6: Lower your stress levels

Step # 7: Sleep well at night (IANS)

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Why People Are Turning To CBD Vs Traditional Medicine

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a component of marijuana or hemp

CBD is a component of marijuana or hemp. Pixabay

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a component of marijuana or hemp. It has been delicately processed to be without THC, the addictive component of marijuana. Because of this, CBD has become even more prevalent in this day and age. Adding the promising effects that CBD gives in helping treat various illnesses,  more and more people are now turning to CBD.

Potent concentrate is an all-natural form of healing people’s physical and mental illnesses. This gives them a break from being too dependent on the usual synthetic medicine. That said, here are some of the other great reasons why CBD is a sought-after choice for medical treatment:

1. It Helps Reduce Anxiety

CBD is an all-natural form of healing people’s physical and mental illnesses. Pixabay

One of the most common mental health problems that can be helped by CBD products is anxiety. It works by balancing the endocannabinoid system of the body. Through this, the mind and body get to relax. When your mind can relax better, all sorts of anxiety that you feel are also catered to.

This is very important to highlight because usually when a person is sick, there is a natural tendency to have anxiety over their health. This is a natural after-result of the worries that patients will have concerning the outcome of their health. Often, these are unnecessary panic attacks. With this, you can relax more and focus on the healing of your physical ailment.

2. Its Side Effects Are Minimal

The general majority of people who take in CBD won’t experience any side effects at all. This is one of the good things about natural medicine. Because it’s chemical-free, there are no harmful chemicals that may also harm your health. 

In this regard, however, you need to remember to keep your dosage low. When your goal is to experience only the good effects, and not the adverse side effects, you have to be cautious about the proper dosage. Never take anything beyond what is prescribed to you. Whenever you’re unsure, seek the advice of a health professional.

Examples of side effects that may be experienced, although rarely, include:

  • Sleepiness, so it’s not for you to take if you’re going to be out driving
  • Possible allergies to the plant compounds
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

3. Its Dose Can Be Better Controlled

Another reason why patients have become so drawn now to CBD is that its dose can easily be controlled over other forms of medication. For instance, when you take a synthetic pill, generally, you take it as a whole. Whatever chemical dosage is inside, you’ve got no other choice but to take it. This removes an element of control from you.

With CBD, you have more control over the dose that you’d like to take. This makes you a more proactive and hands-on patient. For instance, with CBD tinctures, you measure the dose yourself and apply it through a dropper. That way, you’re better assured that you’re not taking in any more than you should.

With CBD, you can relax more and focus on the healing of your physical ailment. Pixabay

4. It Has Now Been Legalized

This may seem like a very apparent reason, but yes, people are turning to it now for the very reason that it has been legalized in many states. Just double-check to see if the state you’re in is also on the same page. Years back, many individuals have already wanted to use CBD for medical purposes because of its promising effects. Some of these individuals include patients suffering from cancer-related pain and symptoms, children who have no other cure for their epileptic seizures, and other health issues.

Now that the FDA has considered it as a legal drug, many doctors have also started prescribing this natural medication to their patients who ask for it. This broader acceptance in states has made people turn to CBD more than the usual, traditional medicines. 

5. It’s Easy To Take

Generally, the usual synthetic medicines are limited in form only to syrups, capsules, pills, and tablets. This shouldn’t be a problem to take for those of you who don’t have an aversion to these forms of medication. But, others don’t like taking too many pills. This fact is precisely the reason why people have also started turning to CBD.

CBD, as it’s sold in dispensaries, comes in many forms. This makes it easier to take in, as your options aren’t limited. There are oils, tinctures, wax, topical creams, lotions, gummies, and many others. Take a good look around a dispensary, and you’ll be amazed at the many options you have. This versatility has made it a more attractive choice for those who need CBD as a form of medication.

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The drug is an attractive choice for individuals that need healing because of the holistic approach that it provides. Because it’s an all-natural form of medication, it takes away the dangers of feeling the side effects that are found in the usual form of synthetic and chemically-laden medicines. Also, CBD is made only to have little to no side effects at all. With CBD, patients are given a chance to go to the root of all their health concerns, minus the dangers.