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All You Need To Know About Smittybilt Atlas Bumpers

Smittybilt has managed to do an excellent job with the new XRC Atlas front bumper

Smittybilt Jeep bumpers have a reputation for being set apart from competitors because of their innovative styles and designs. The latest product addition to the company’s portfolio is the XRC Atlas front and rear bumpers released a few months ago. 

These latest bumpers are compatible with a range of Jeep vehicles from the 2007 Jeep Wrangler to the present model. The company owes its current success partly to the style and engineering of these new bumpers. 

The Smittybilt front and rear XRC bumpers both have a dual-stage powder-coated matte black finish which is designed to protect against corrosion and rust. Their distinct design improves the vehicle’s approach to angles and tire clearance. The bumpers have been extensively tested to meet strict international pedestrian safety standards. Smittybilt has a lifetime warranty. 

The XRC Atlas front bumper, the unique one of the two, has the following unique features:

 Winch mount and bolt-on bull bar

Smittybilt has managed to do an excellent job with the new XRC Atlas front bumper which sports a heavy-duty winch mount, making it easier to haul and lift various objects. The winch is especially helpful for those who prefer vehicles that drive well through harsh off-road terrains to avoid problems when they need to be pulled. 

This feature adds more functionality to the bumper, enabling it to go the extra mile in protecting the car’s front end. The new bumper also features a detachable bull bar to protect the automobile from collisions on the road, both accidental and intentional. It is easy to attach and remove because of its bolt-on feature, with this bumper it is easy even for people who do not have any technical skills. 

Smittybilt has managed to do an excellent job with the new XRC Atlas front bumper which sports a heavy-duty winch mount.

 Auxiliary Lights Mounting

For the purpose of attaching auxiliary lights, the XRC Atlas front bumper has OE spotlight mounts and light housings. You can easily attach extra lights that make the bumper even more useful when you take a drive through low lit off-road conditions. The spotlight mount is made from the best quality materials to make sure that it is heard-wearing and can endure any driving conditions.

Accents and Skid Plates

To protect the lower engine part when you drive on bumpy roads, the Smittybilt XRC Atlas bumper has an effective skid plate making it ideal for driving on even the toughest off-road terrains. The skid plates are created from durable materials to make sure they are reliable enough to protect your Jeep. 

In addition, there are the bumper accents that contribute to the bumper’s great custom styling to give your vehicle a distinct custom look. The accents are also made from top of the range materials ensuring that they will survive over many years even when they used in harsh weather conditions.

Jeep custom bumpers

Custom or aftermarket bumpers for Jeep offer a variety of features that cannot be matched by factory bumpers. Most Jeep owners opt to customize their bumpers for the one of a kind personalized look that custom bumpers add. However, custom bumpers are designed to suit the individual needs of different types of cruisers, for example, the highway cruiser or the off-roader. By choosing a custom Jeep bumper you benefit from fuel efficiency, better clearance, extra strength among other advantages. Jeep bumpers currently in the market include:

 The Full-Width Bumper

Full-width bumpers offer full protection for the body of your car as well as fenders and tires. These bumpers are suitable for driving in heavily wooded terrain, they can clear a path through the foliage. Smittybilt full-width bumpers conveniently come with D-ring mounts and winch mounts and to help with towing from tough spots. The bumpers are modelled in a steel plate, one-piece design, welded on for stable protection. In most cases, you can install them without interrupting your factory fog lights. However some designs particular designs will require extended wiring.

Smittybilt XRC Atlas
To protect the lower engine part when you drive on bumpy roads, the Smittybilt XRC Atlas bumper has an effective skid plate making it ideal for driving on even the toughest off-road terrains. (Represenetational Image). Pixabay

 The stinger bumper

The stinger bumper is an off-road bumper with a unique design that stops your vehicle from rolling over. The bumper protrudes from the truck, keeping a safe distance between the hood and any possible obstacles. Stinger bumpers are available in various shapes, designs and styles. They come in a choice of a levelled tip, a triangle-shaped tip or a rounded arc. They may have tubes that are welded together at the tip or they have a one-piece design. They are frequently used to form ramps used to scale large trail borders. The edge that sticks out adds a touch of character to your car while increasing vehicle safety, the best of both worlds. 

 The stubby bumper

Stubby bumpers have become a popular style as they provide the most clearance angles for your car’s departure or approach. Thanks to their less intrusive cover they also offer a lot of space remaining for any more customization you may like, for example, armour or OEM fog lights. They are available in a modular and tubular design, the modular bumper offers more strength. Stubby bumpers are highly functional bumpers and winch ready, they will not disturb your factory light mounts when installed. 

 The rock crawler bumper

The rock crawler bumper is another unique minimalist design allowing for extended approach and departure angles. It is an ideal choice for off-road rock climbing because it allows your vehicle to scale rocks without interference and it protects the body from damage at the same time. This bumper also provides an option for additional customization. It comes in steel plate and tubular designs. This bumper is perfect for Jeeps with big tires because it leaves enough room for large fender flares. In most cases, rock crawler bumpers come winch ready.

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 The tubular bumper

The tubular bumper is the classic Jeep bumper, it works well both for the street or highway Jeep customer. The bumpers are crafted from hollow steel tubing, making them a cost-effective design. When installed they maintain the retro look of your Jeep while adding some functional custom features. These bumpers increase your Jeep’s fuel efficiency because they are light. The designers maintained their high quality, making sure they are strong enough for towing the car. if you would like to add extra protection, you can weld grille guards or bull bars onto the bumpers.




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