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Know Where WordPress Has Reached in 2021 With its Users: Stats!

Conclusively, WordPress in 2021 still has the same dominance over the IT sector

In 2003, WordPress began with its plug-in based architecture and came out with consistent updates with always the desirable as well as expectation fulfilling features for its customers.

Scarlett Brown
Author: Scarlett Brown

It is one of the most loved open-source CMS that works on Php language and demands no thorough knowledge to use it from its users.

It is 2021 today, and we have come through numerous changes, advancements, competitors, and have gathered a handful of statistics about them that could reveal the figures for its popularity as well as the reason why it is the most loved development platform for beginners and many experts too.

How popular WordPress is?

Irrespective of the size of an entrepreneur, either small, micro, medium, large, or even a mass producer has its name over the users of WordPress today. 

  • 35%

W3Tech says, more than 35% of the entire website across the internet is built in WordPress. Can you even imagine how big is that figure, having more than 20 competitors around the closest vicinity, and many others beyond them. It is a dominating win over them covering almost one-third of the global diaspora alone.

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  • 60 million users

WordPress itself stated that over 60 million of the users chose WordPress as their source of developing their website. With this figure, WordPress has come way far from where it has started just with simpler plugins and mediocre performance.

And today, it has the world’s one of the largest communities behind it as a support and as a library for its loving developers.

  • Community size & celebrities into it

WordPress community covers about 38% of all the websites and with that, it has some of the real big names involved in it like Forbes, Samsung, The New York times, including some famous celebs too that have their home production built on WordPress like Kobe Bryant, etc.

  • Forum & Blog support 

WordPress supports more than 65 languages in its forum and is known to have more non-English users than English users in it. Recently, it has come to know that the English users have now surpassed the non-English users from the credible sources of the WordPress community itself.

  • 6 Continents & 65 Countries

Through events and camps that any organization sponsors for its marketing with the purpose to spread its wings across the world, WordPress has touched 6 continents out of the 7 which is a milestone to set for other development platforms.

Not only this, according to the figures revealed at one of the WordCamp conferences, WordPress has been successful in withdrawing the skilled developers from more than 65 countries yet over its more than 900 conferences held across the globe.

WordPress supports more than 65 languages in its forum and is known to have more non-English users than English users in it. Pinterest

  • 50,000+ plugins

With more than 50k plus plugins, WordPress has crossed the figure of a billion for their downloads and is yet increasing exponentially with no sign of any stoppage nearby. Its directory or library as we mentioned above, is increasing day by day with an increasing number of plugins as well as community members that include almost everyone from each generation and level of development skills. 

WooCommerce is often misinterpreted as a framework but it is an open-source plugin only with an identity of itself. The identity of the most popular plugins out of fifty-four thousand plugins to be precise or close enough. 

  • Themes

Having first introduced themes in 2005, WordPress today has crossed the number figure of 5000 that too for free themes only. Also, it is a fact that every year it launches one new theme that brings the whopping attention of its customers back to it altogether.

WordPress also is known to reveal its own facts and figures with a mind-blowing context. 

One of those about the themes and that is: ‘There had been a month in 2018 in which the users across the world had changed their pre-existing themes for a check may be and chosen for a different theme for their website more than 2 million times. That is a number for a month only.

Give an idea of how many times a user usually does that in a year and how many options WordPress has to serve its users.

Apart from a huge bunch of free plugins, there are more than 6000 premium plugins too with overwhelming interface layout and designs. 

Make sure to hire dedicated developer for your business website so that you may get even better control over some customization that WordPress offers over the paid plugins.

  • Cost of themes

WordPress has almost every theme under the range of $100. That’s the most impressive fact and a reason behind WordPress’s enormous user base that it has plenty of free plugins already and then when it comes to the paid ones, they are economic enough for almost every average income pupil as well.

  • By 2021

If we want to make an idea for WordPress’s performance today, we can envisage it by noticing that more than 500 websites per day are developed in WordPress only all over the world. 

It is a matter of thought, first of all, to know that if 500 websites are built on WordPress only, then how many in total websites are being built all across the world including other platforms for development.

The Enterprise industry and businesses are almost dominating the world with the online implementation of ideas. WordPress development companies are supporting this growth and transformation of the enterprise world into the digitally supported enterprise world.

WordPress has been successful in withdrawing the skilled developers from more than 65 countries yet over its more than 900 conferences held across the globe. Pinterest

  • Its Updates

WordPress has come out with more than 20 updates to date since its introduction into the development world. With more than 16 million downloads from unique users and that too has around one-fourth of the portion has downloaded the latest version already.

This agility in its users simply means that WordPress has a long way to go yet, and has not lost its charm inside the users. Especially the beginners love this the most because of its user-friendly interface and quick responsiveness.

Conclusively, WordPress in 2021 still has the same dominance over the IT sector. Its development community and forum size are growing in an exponential manner having more than 130 million blogs per month produced by the users. 

It has acquired multiple times of popularity and userbase than its competitors i.e. Drupal and Joomla.

If you too have an impressive idea which you think may have the potential to convert your life upside down but are waiting for a platform to transform it into a website, you should not wait and immediately opt for WordPress as it is one of the easiest ever platforms anyone could get for its business website development.

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Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical content writer and is associated with A3logics for over a couple of years. She has a keen interest in professional IT services and is often found struggling with some unique topics for her upcoming projects. She is often found discussing the latest developments with the technical team. When not working on any of her writing projects, she is either reading any of the Agatha Christie mysteries or busy gardening.

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