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Knowing the Basics of Your Sneaker Shoes

The Art of Being Trendy With Sneakers

Sneaker Shoes have taken over the world and how! Understandably so, because who would do not want to sport footwear that is not only stylish and trendy but also provides you with ultimate support and comfort.

From the likes of Ranveer Singh to Virat Kolhi, to public personalities like Kamala Harris, everyone is on the sneaker bandwagon. However, if you are a sneaker newbie looking to build your very own collection, then choosing the right pair can be a tad confusing. Well, fret not! Matteo Lambert, Chief Collection Officer, Bata India Limited, has simplified sneaker shopping for you. Here are some wardrobe essentials according to him:

The Evergreen Low-Ankle Sneakers

Low ankle sneakers are the OG of sneakers and enjoy a cult following all across the world. If you are a sneakerhead then there is a good chance that the first pair of sneakers that you ever fell in love with were these. From your smart casuals to party outfits, canvas sneakers will go with every outfit and keep your feet plush and cozy throughout the day. Trendy, stylish, incredibly comfortable, and always in tune with the latest fashion trends, low ankles are a great long-term investment!

Chunky White Sneakers

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic white Chunky sneakers. Reminiscent of the 90s era, chunky white sneakers will give you that retro vibe. From denim to chinos, dresses to even sarees, white sneakers work like a charm with every outfit. Not only will white sneakers elevate your entire ensemble, but also provide you that extra hint of oompf and panache that will make people sit back and take notice.

Classic white Sneakers are in trend since the 90’s era. Pixbay

Snug Slip-Ons

Slip-on sneakers have revolutionized the world of sneakers. These laceless sneakers are easy to wear and extremely high on the comfort quotient. Slip-on sneakers are available in numerous colors and variants. You can easily find something to pair with every outfit. If you are someone who prioritizes comfort over everything else and believes in minimalism, slip-on sneakers are perfect for you. Once you try them, they’re sure to become your go-to sneakers because of how incredibly convenient and comfortable they are.

Mesh Sneakers

Mesh sneakers are another classic wardrobe staple. The mesh fabric allows your feet to breathe while also hugging the contours for that extra bit of support. They provide you with the ever so elusive combination of comfort and style. These sneakers are versatile and you will never fall short of choices when it comes to mesh sneakers.

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Printed Sneakers

Printed sneakers are the latest bug to have hot the sneaker world. If you are a flamboyant soul who believes in going that extra mile and making a solid first impression, then you must invest in a pair of comfortable, printed sneakers. There is an extensive range of printed sneakers available in the market and there is something available for everyone. Floral, animal, and jungle prints are all the rage at the moment. They will add that touch of glam to your outfit and take in up a few notches. (IANS)



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