Kolkata man who was discovered living with his Sister’s Corpse in 2015, found Dead

A room (representational image), Pixabay

Kolkata, Feb 21, 2017: Partha De, the man who was discovered living with his sister’s corpse in 2015, was found burnt to death here on Tuesday, the city police said.

De was found dead in a burnt condition in the bathroom of his house in Watgunge Street, the police added.

A half-empty bottle containing petrol and a few matchsticks were also recovered beside the body, the police claimed.

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In June 2015, De was found living in his house then at Robinson Street with the skeletons of his sister Debjani and two Labrador dogs.

With these, the burnt body of De’s father Arabinda was also discovered inside a bathroom.

Some experts have pointed out a genetic link to depression in the case.

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Psychiatrist Rima Mukherjee said: “It seems as if there was a genetic link. He may have inherited traits of depression from his father.”

Jai Ranjan Ram said De may have taken the extreme step as a result of post psychotic depression. (IANS)


  1. Episodes of depression that comes under the broad topic of personality disorder (DSM V) evokes recurrent thoughts of dead. And its a fact that MDD can’t be cured even when you use high dosages of SSRI. His sister was under MDD since the death of the two dogs and her ‘fast’ brought death to her.
    Both De and his sister are Educated too. I think its high time to include ‘socializing skill development’ sessions from High School Levels and continue to employee levels.


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