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School Children. Wikimedia
  • Children are being ‘penalized’ for being left-handed in the UK
  • Education Campaigners have warned that ministers lack the information to understand the scale of the problem
  • It is also a common assumption that a number of prisoners are left-handed

London, August 15, 2017: The Education campaigners in the UK have warned the lack of information among ministers is causing ‘penalty’ on left-handed children in the country.

The campaigners have more broadly accused the ministers of failing to understand the scale of the problem of classroom struggle and how it hampers the development of left-hand children.

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There is now a demand for research to determine if classroom struggle triggers a sort of “downward spiral” that hampers the marks of children. Further, it is to be seen if their confidence and self-esteem is reduced and how it impacts their future opportunities.

The government of UK stands firmly with the national curriculum. The campaigners, on the other hand, are demanding that the left-handed pupil receive the kind of education that would match their needs. This proposal is currently non-statutory guidance.

Nick Gibb, the education minister, said that the teachers need to ensure they provide education to pupils according to their needs.

Handwriting experts, however, opine that left-handed children encounter difficulties which hamper their development in the long term. They also suggest that teachers often fail to recognize these signs, and hence a training needs to be introduced.

“It’s bizarre kids in our schools are penalized because they happen to be left-handed. It’s bewildering successive governments have failed to act on this. It’s so easy to do,” Former Conservative Minister Sir Peter Luff told The Guardian.

Worcester based Left’n’Write is an organization that trains left-handed children. Their founder, Stewart, believes that there is a lack of teaching training. His organization has helped thousands of pupils with his talks and training.

Left-handed writing is now considered a disability, and hence there is no data of how many left-handed children are there in the country’s primary and secondary schools. However, it is estimated that 10% of the population is left-handed.

– Prepared by Saksham Narula of NewsGram. Twitter: @Saksham2394


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