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LBC’s Launched Perfect ‘Waffee’ (Waffle And Coffee) Moment

With an aim to provide the perfect 'Waffee' (waffle & coffee) moment, guests can enjoy the heavenly pairing of artisanal coffees with scrumptious and loaded waffles

Premium waffle brand London Bubble Co has entered a strategic alliance with Indian retail cafe chain Cafe Coffee Day. LBC’s shop-in-shop business model with CCD will enable it to scale up its footprint in the country and is touted to be the largest partnership with a presence across 150 outlets of CCD’s cafe network.

With an aim to provide the perfect ‘Waffee’ (waffle & coffee) moment, guests can enjoy the heavenly pairing of artisanal coffees with scrumptious and loaded waffles.

Real Estate and facility management company Realta Ventures has announced the acquisition of, London Bubble Co. The move is expected to revive the three-year-old pioneer waffle brand and drive growth by 202 percent by February of 2021, the company said in a statement. LBC will also have an all-new menu fostering guilt-free indulgence and it will serve only oil-free waffles.

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Vinay A. Bhopatkar, CEO, Cafe Coffee Day said: “Thanks to the millennials and people exposed to global cuisines, there is a whole new culture around exploring food in India; CCD has been at the forefront on innovating on Food and launching new trends through its cafes. Waffles have emerged as the Instagram generation’s one of the most loved desserts in recent times, indicating a tremendous shift in the urban Indian sweet palate.

We are positive that this partnership will add another interesting inclusion to the CCD menu, giving our patrons more reasons to visit their favorite cafe. It is also a transformative experience for CCD in terms of scale in an on-trend industry. LBC’s diverse offerings have forged a unique appeal and identity that will create a new dimension of dessert pairings for CCD and deliver immediate value to our customers.”

LBC will also have an all-new menu. Pixabay

With this acquisition, London bubble Co. promotes ‘the new us’ which includes a freshly curated menu, refer and earn policies, and other significant additions. From rich chocolates and bottled milkshakes to flavorful pre-packed ice-creams, the carefully curated new menu has launched exciting options for people to enjoy on-the-go. It has also kept in mind evolving health-conscious lifestyles and introduced healthier waffles.

New dairy-free milkshakes are also on offer for the new-age vegan and flexitarian consumer. Known for its variations, LBC is adding to their expansive range of bubble and pocket waffles, with the new sticks and Dutch Stroopwafels on offer. These developments under ‘the new us’ concept have been rolled-out with the vision to make LBC an inextricable part of the country’s waffle lexicon.

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Commenting on the acquisition and the partnership with CCD, Mustakeen Sheikh, CEO and Promoter, Realta Hospitality said: “We are delighted to include London Bubble Co. under Realta Ventures’ portfolio. We’ve entered into a distinctive position in an evolving market segment with strong prospects for growth. We are looking forward to taking an already established brand and accelerating its pace by providing unmatched services and quality products at economically revised price points.

Our partnership with Cafe Coffee Day is one such way to make inroads into new markets and bridge the gap between urban and non-urban population with pocket-friendly desserts that perfectly pair with coffee, all under the same roof. This opportunity presents a new wave of shared brand experience while also expanding our customer reach.”

Cities to be covered in the strategic alliance with CCD are Agra, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Dobespet, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mohali, Mumbai, Narsapur, Nasik, Pune, Sanjgaon, Shimla and Thiruvananthapuram. (IANS)



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