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Learn Coding Course For Free On YouTube By Edtech Platform StayQrious

The coding course will consist of 13 classes on YouTube

Domestic edtech platform StayQrious on Tuesday announced that it is offering a blended-learning coding course for free on YouTube for kids aged between 8-14 years old. The coding course will consist of 13 classes on YouTube, where kids can learn algorithms, debugging, variables, loops, nested loops, conditionals, and functions among others.

This will be followed by two more seasons on YouTube that will cover all the foundational concepts that can be carried forward and applied to any programming language. “We never want the lack of access to quality information to be the barrier for children to learn,” Aanand Srinivas, Founder, and CEO, StayQrious, said in a statement.

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“With Summer around the corner and children getting a break before they enter the next academic year, this is the perfect time to provide the much-needed exposure and understanding into the essential concepts of coding,” Srinivas added.

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The course has been created by Indian instructors with visual explanations that deepen a child’s intuition for the concepts. It delves into conceptual mastery, effective learning outcomes and is designed to make children curious to dig deeper, the company said.

Created according to the global Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards, the course is a unique blend of explanation videos and hands-on activities specially curated for active learning rather than passive viewing, it added. The company is committed to making students future-ready by teaching them essential learning skills across all core subjects by launching courses in coding, science, and math, Srinivas said. (IANS/SP)



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