Learn English to get a job, lament Indian youths

The story of Gagan is no different from that of millions of Indians whose craving for making a successful career was trampled under the endemic of colonial hangover.

The notion that knowing ‘English’ ensures a job in India has spread its tentacles in the nooks and corners of India. Under this phenomenon, more and more students are trying to learn the foreign language and neglecting their own mother tongue.

However, there is a vast majority of people who have no resources or the financial backup to opt for studying in English. As a result, their dreams are getting strangled.

When the Newsgram team talked with Gagan, a lot of surprising facts came out.

  1. A lot of Indian talents remained underutilized as they did not know English.
  2. English was becoming a criterion to get a lucrative job.
  3. Students failed to grasp books written in English as their elementary schooling was in a regional language.
  4. Employers were focusing on the presentations of the candidates instead of their knowledge of the subject.
  5. People were gradually ignoring their mother tongue because for higher studies the English language was the only option.

Watch the video and see for yourself how the English language is slowly corroding our native languages.


There are millions out there like Gagan, who could have made it big in life but sadly they were not blessed with the opportunity.

We can make a change by promoting our regional language.

Rise, act, and promote Indianess and Indian language.


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